RIP my dearest friend….

Me, Lori and she who is no longer named or with the bunch. Booboopalooza 2010
Lori danced a lot….lol
We did. Shake her before we went anywhere so she was ready to go….LOL
Booboopalooza bunch. She who is no longer named. Cap’t Oblivious, Z, Lori, Boo, Tracy and Lori’s date, Wade.
Guzzling the last of the Redi-Whip after ….
….she had decided she didn’t think I had enough Redi-Whip on my strawberry something or other…..
I titled this one beating her meat. Forgot what kind of meat. . . . . .
Typiclal photo of Lori. Laughing her ass off.

I rec’d a text Sunday morning from my friend Jacquie. “Lori died last night” I thought no. She got the wrong name. So I called Lori’s cell. Her sister Cheri answered.

And confirmed the awful news.

She could NOT get time off from work to go to the doctor. Any time she would try to get a holiday off, her manager would say basically at the last minute, nope. I am taking that day. I don’t think she got more than 3 or 4 days a month off. No one can work that pace. She struggled so these last 10 years. I helped her out so many times. It just never helped.

I met Lori in 1997 at Lake Geneva at a Torrington Bearing School. She was 6 months younger than me and we always had a blast when we got together. One of my FAVORITE Memories was when Z asked T to marry him. Z had been begging me to come down for that. He was going to surprise her. I kept telling him I couldn’t get the time off, no vacation left, flights weren’t working out….any excuse I could come up with. When he would ask Lori, she would just say ‘she’s trying but it’s not looking good.’

Lori and I had already set up me being there. It was a surprise to them from me. So the day finally came to meet them for supper. Lori sat out front of the restaurant waiting, I hid. When they all walked by, I came up behind Z and said “Can I join this party or is it private?” He and T lost it hugging. They were so happy I came and surprised them. I still smile when I think of it.

Now for what T wrote about Lori:

“I have heartbreaking news about Lori….she was rushed to the hospital yesterday (Sat) morning due to pneumonia symptoms, had a cardiac arrest a short time later and never recovered. She has taken her trip to Heaven where she’ll be a guardian angel to all of us.

….the ICU doctor told me the chicken bone that was stuck in her throat a couple weeks ago could have been a partial cause since she suffered minor asphyxiation. Then she had pneumonia and a lot of fluid was drained from her lungs “

(Me: Her sister told me in our phone conversation that that fluid was just putrid making the doc think it had been there over a week.)

“Lori also had a couple medical issues she had been taking medication for a few years…her heart just couldn’t take it all and went into cardiac arrest. She tried to hang in there after 3 CPR attempts, but a few hours later her body just gave out.”

T continues with: “It all started when Lori text me about feeling weak., but I didn’t see her text till a couple hours later….after calling her cell a couple times with no answer, I went to her house. Her car was there but she wasn’t answering the door and it was locked. Z tole me to call 911 and the dispatcher told me an ambulance came to take Lori to the hospital. I ran over to the hospital and found Lori and was able to get the initial diagnosis from the first ER doctor….”

The point is my dear friend of 25 years is gone. And I am beyond devastated. We would talk on the phone for hours. I was planning on surprising her with a visit this summer. I so wanted to see that adorable little house she moved into just a month ago.

How does one wrap their head around this. . . . . again?

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