As a young child I missed a question on a psychological test: “What comes in a bottle?”

The answer was supposed to be milk. I said beer.

Milk almost always came in cartons and plastic jugs, so I was right. But this isn’t about rehashing old grudges. I barely even think about it anymore! The point is that the test was a relic of a time before me, when milk did come in bottles. It arrived on doorsteps each morning, by the hand of some vanishing man. And just as such a world was alien to me as a kid, the current generation of small children might miss a similar question: “Where does milk come from?”

Many would likely answer almonds or beans or oats.

I find this beyond sad.

I keep hearing about all the anxiety younger people get now. Because our world had complicated itself to the point of being unrecognizable.

132 different genders? No. There are two. XX chromosomes and XY chromosomes. You have ONE or the OTHER. Anxiety relieved. If you are one and think you should be the other? Change it. Anxiety relieved. But 132 different, non conforming, non binary (WTF is THAT??)…it no longer makes sense.

But all the anxiety does.

Milk does NOT come from nuts. Or grain. Or legumes. Milk comes from cows, goats, humans… get the gist.

Back when I was a kid, you played outside, you climbed trees, you got hurt, you had black and blue marks, your brothers made you eat mud pies….the list goes on. Nowadays? Kids are scared to climb trees, playing outside? interferes with technology, Mud pies? WTH are those???

So many kids today don’t know how to play outside anymore. I could almost guarantee you their anxiety levels would go down if they would learn to play well with other children.

OMG…clothesline someone in Red Rover?? YESSSS Tug’o’war over a creek? What other games? Softball, Baseball, Flag football, …… It’s going to be up to us grandparents to teach these youngsters.

I’m just venting today. My friends death has put me in a tailspin and I am afraid it won’t stop until the funeral. She was very important to me. And I miss her.

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11 thoughts on “Venting…..

  1. Very well put! I just had to go through an Uber assault training class on all the pros and cons of what to say or not say, how to react to what people say, it was so over the top, but understandable given this new age of enlightened folks that take offense at every and anything. I’ve never seen or heard of so many mountains out of molehills!!! Jeesh! Get me off this bus!!

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    1. No kidding. It’s just stupid. Don’t tell me you have anxiety and have to be on meds and can’t work because of …….. whatever. I no longer believe.

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  2. Hey Boo,
    It’s been a while, but do you feel like going out and making mud pies with me? Maybe we could round up some neighborhood kids and give a Master Class in mud pie making, three-legged race and tree climbing. If you have a piece of chalk around, we could even teach hopscotch. 🙂 That sounds like the perfect way to relieve some anxiety! Mona

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