Most of you know I run a 2 bedroom AirBnB out of my home.


That USUALLY means to most people that you respect house rules, you don’t go into rooms you shouldn’t, you don’t bitch and complain about things (Like my dogs that are CLEARLY STATED and mentioned IN my listing), smoke in the room where NO SMOKING is allowed, leave all the fucking LIGHTS on, leave wet towels on the rugs or lock the OWNER out of her own home.

Yet, that is what I dealt with this weekend. And SHE started a case with AirBnB against me. HA!

She came at me. So I told her if she continued to file cases against hosts (I’m the second one, but the 3rd host she pulled crap on…out of 7 stays) that places wouldn’t want to host her anymore.

I take your comments as very threatening also. Just because someone reports you and your disgusting home, doesn’t give you a right to contact them with threats.

What??? How is that threatening? She told me my home was uninhabitable. (I didn’t do anything wrong to your home. It was already inhabitable long before I arrived as a customer.) Her spelling error.

Really? The other 30 people I hosted before you JUST this year LOVE my house.

She even locked me out Saturday afternoon. Even after telling her twice NOT to lock the deadbolt when she was inside and I was gone. She acted confused as to what that meant.

All of this because I wanted her to wait till I got home before she used my washer and dryer. I actually wanted her to use a drying rack since the weather was so nice.

Her response to the clothesline/rack? I will say that line drying in my Mothers generation and she didn’t pass this tradition down to me. Your posting states that you do have a dryer. Wait. You don’t know how to hang clothes on a line or rack?

When I asked her to wait because my listing was for my old set? Honestly all you have to do is update your page. Ive kindve lost my appetite for doing laundry and will figure out something later.

She wanted to go into another guest’s room. I am pretty sure she smoked in the bedroom because that was the odor when I went upstairs. Lights were left on in the room and the bathroom. Towels on the floor instead of the hooks on the back of the door. I have a page in both rooms with specific things to do to make it better for BOTH us at the end of their visit.

She chose to ignore it. And filed a case against me.

Almost makes me want to quit.

But…she is ONE in almost 5 years of being a host so I just need to work thru the anger and move on.

And I will.

AND I will read ALL reviews BEFORE accepting a booking from now on. MY mistake. It won’t happen again.

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8 thoughts on “AirBnB….

    1. I won’t review her unless she reviews me. Then I will put only that I hope her medical issues get resolved and drive safe. THEN I can see her review and correct the lies I know she will tell.


    1. AirBnB finally contacted me. I told them about her and asked what they would do. Ball is in their court right now.

      I’ll offer her the rest of her money back minus $30 for expenses she incurred. But AirBnB has to take her off the list of acceptable customers.

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