Good Morning..

Yesterdays AirBnB drama is over. She was refunded for the night she didn’t stay. If she puts up any stink, I’ll have to tell them what she did. She won’t want that. She already is getting a rep for a difficult guest.

They say it comes in 3’s. Last night, I read about #3. My daughter went out with Thomas when she was 16. They were playing in the river, when Thomas jumped in wrong, hit his head and broke his neck. He came back from it, learning to walk, talk and eat again on his own.

Sunday they found him in his home. They are doing an autopsy but they are thinking stroke or aneurysm. He was 34. And a great guy. I’m beyond sad about it.

But I hope this is the end of the 3. At least for now.

I need to get away. I took Friday of Memorial Day weekend off (so you won’t hear from me for 4 days. Stop cheering.)

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