I am LIVID!!!


Just no.

NO we don’t HONOR criminals.

And how many people know that man held a loaded gun to a pregnant woman’s belly as he robbed the place?

My grandchildren had to endure this yesterday and when they protested?? They were told to shut up or get detention.

I see some first amendment lawsuits coming.

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6 thoughts on “I am LIVID!!!

  1. There will be no lawsuits. George Floyd was sentenced to five years in prison for his involvement in an armed robbery in 2007 – nothing to do with being stopped by the police that killed him. The woman robbed in 2007, Aracely Henriquez, was injured by another man, and there’s no evidence she was pregnant at the time of the incident. Despite captions stating otherwise, a photo going around social media of a woman with bruises on her face is not Henriquez.


    1. The full story of George Floyd home invasion of a pregnant woman goes like this. Back in 2007, on August 9 in the summer, George Floyd was with 5 other men who forced themselves into a house. One of them, allegedly Floyd, pretended to be a government employee from the water department and attempted to enter the house. But the pregnant woman realized that something was wrong and attempted to shut the door. At this point, he brute-forced into the home. Meanwhile, A Ford explorer pulled over in front of the house and five other men entered the property. Once in the house, a robber pulled a gun out and pointed it towards the pregnant woman’s stomach. So if you were asking here did George Floyd hold a pregnant woman at gunpoint? His name is not mentioned in the story pointing to the gun.

      Nevertheless, the story says, while all this was happening, Floyd was searching the house for money, drugs, and, Jewelry.

      He may have not held the gun as so many rumors say (and another website I checked long ago) but he was with the GANG who robbed a pregnant woman who was being held at gunpoint.

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  2. Justifiably livid!!! It is sad when people are defended for their criminality because of color. THAT has become the focus, not their criminal activity and is exhausting me. I’m technically “of color” and I don’t buy it!!! It’s all BS!
    I also hate that government and teachers (who work for the government) are taking this opportunity to indoctrinate our children! Beliefs and opinions contrary to this indoctrination will not be tolerated! Freedom of speech is being eradicated. That seems to be our future.

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