My governor is an idiot….

Evers kills GOP bill ending federal unemployment bonus

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has vetoed a Republican bill that would eliminate a $300-a week federal bonus for unemployed people.

The bonus was designed to help the unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s scheduled to end on Sept. 6 but Republican legislators pushed the bill through the Assembly and Senate earlier this month, insisting that business can’t find workers and the bonus is keeping people from seeking work.

Evers announced Tuesday he has vetoed the bill.

He wrote in his veto message that he objects to the Legislature interfering with the executive branch’s ability to administer the unemployment benefit program and there’s no evidence to support the claim the bonus is keeping people from finding work.

All the news in the papers and on TV is how the businesses here are closing because people don’t want to give up unemployment that gives people more money than they can make working.

This article just goes to show how OUT OF TOUCH our elected officials are.

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Let me tell ya about some LAUNDRY…..

So M stayed in FBA room Thurs and Friday nights.

B and R stayed in the FS room Friday night.

S and B stayed in the FS room Saturday night.

D and L stayed in FBA room Saturday night.

M and J came yesterday afternoon for the FS room Sun and Mon nights.

Each time the people in the room changed? …the sheets and towels change. The room gets the rugs shaken out and vac’d, everything wiped down, the coffee pot and cups washed. More coffee and coffee stuff (sugar, creamer etc) get restocked. Fresh flowers get picked and put in the rooms. The bathroom gets wiped down and fresh towels get hung.

Then I changed my bed linens, washed my comforter, feather bed, and swept everything. Most of this stuff was hung on the line to dry. And it rained all day Saturday.

Sorted more magazines, threw more away, took a bunch to the recycling(only the staple bound, they don’t want gummed bindings anymore. Messes up their machines) Moved several pieces of furniture so my dining room is looking more like a dining room. Cleaned the kitchen and all the dishes are caught up on. Made rice pudding, Round steak in the crock pot, played with Stella and Louie so they didn’t feel neglected. About have my desk ready.

I had almost 13,000 steps yesterday.

I’m exhausted today.

I need a drink.

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AirBnB is booming!

Front room: Starting this Friday is Jerry, Saturday is Scott, Sunday is John and Margaret till Tuesday

Side room: Saturday is Dan and g/f.

July 4-10 I have Brian and Jeremiah on different days in the front room and Margaret in the side room all that week.

Aug I have Dean in the side room 12-15, I have Rosemary in the front room at the same time.

I may almost be happy to shut that AirBnB down Aug 19th!!

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Good morning…

A better photo of the color of my new carpet. I like it. It’s nice to squiggle your toes into.

My sunset a couple nights ago. I just thought it looked like a huge bird coming in for a landing.

My neighbor was going to throw this. She made the right choice re-homing it with me. I call it my ‘fire lily’ and I think she’s beautiful.

The only thing I miss about THIS floor? It was easier to push the vac around.

I’m rich!!!!


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Please check this out….

According to the civil rights leader Julian Bond, recalling his parents’ use of the Green Book, “it was a guidebook that told you not where the best places were to eat, but where there was any place”.[46] Bond comments:

You think about the things that most travelers take for granted, or most people today take for granted. If I go to New York City and want a hair cut, it’s pretty easy for me to find a place where that can happen, but it wasn’t easy then. White barbers would not cut black peoples’ hair. White beauty parlors would not take black women as customers — hotels and so on, down the line. You needed the Green Book to tell you where you can go without having doors slammed in your face.[31]

I found it fascinating. I never knew it existed until she told me about her trip.

A.L. was a joy. We sat and talked for over an hour. And I don’t always spend my time ‘entertaining’ my guests as I am not required to. But I could talk to her for hours.

Last Saturday night, A.L. stayed with me in my AirBnB. She was doing a road trip following this book.

The Negro’s AAA map is what she called it. It really brings home the discrimination against black people.

She let me look through it for MN, WI, and IA to see what I may recognize for towns. I was amazed how FEW places they could safely stay. So few.

When she left, she asked that I sit in front of my house so she could take a photo. She would be putting sketches in the book she is compiling about her trip.

She sent me this. I like…..

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Looks a little different eh?

Friday Morning.
Located under big window. The reason I couldn’t really refinish this floor
And it begins ….. tack strips all around…
Tie up the curtains and put down the underlayment pad.
First roll of carpet……Lighter than I thought but ok…..
Well CRAP! Now I have to paint the walls….. or put that bookcase back there. (hint…the bookcase went back there.)
I really LOVE how this room was transformed….

Well? Does it look ok?

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Pre- carpet….

As of this morning. Looking pretty bare in there. I moved the trunk out this morning. And the floor needs far too much work to be ready. I’m going to redo the dining room tho. It’s looking pretty worn now.

This is another reason I won’t finish this floor. WHY the guy didn’t take the square out of the closet instead is beside me. He also did this on my bedroom floor.

This is right under the huge window. So it’s not like I can hide it. Except under carpeting.

I’ll post photos Monday of the finished thing…….lol.

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And it’s getting there….

Tomorrow afternoon, the new carpet goes in.

Ry stayed over last night. That 14 yo stinker is now taller than me. By 6″ or more!! Anyway, he helped carry a bunch of stuff upstairs so the living room is ‘getting there’. Some things just slid over into the dining room but hey, it’s clearing out.

Yes, that is my cat. He is twice the size of Louie.

That damn book case to the right? The back has come off. I have to find somewhere else to put all my cookbooks and booze!! lol Because it’s going outside for $5. My desk, stereo, TV etc…are all going to get slid into the dining room.

My living room is 16′ x 25′. So I get a seam somewhere. Yay!

But I will have ONE downstairs room with a warm floor come this winter.

I can’t wait.

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