My long ass weekend….

I took Friday off. I drove to Racine and back for Lori’s wake. 4 hours one way. And we came home after 90 minutes there. I really needed to hug the kids. It was VERY difficult. I miss her SO much. Every couple of weeks we would call each other and chat for 3 hours. I miss that.

On Saturday, I was picking up 1/4 beef in about 45 minutes north of me. Then I missed my turn back and ending up in Fall Creek. Retraced and found R and got back to Osseo because God Knows my GPS wouldn’t behave out in the wilderness of Wisconsin!

Then off to my son’s for G’daughter’s 7th birthday party.

She is my girly girl!!
Love her to bits and back.

Then home to welcome my AirBnB guests Joe and Julie. LOVELY couple from the cities. Really enjoyed them and their dog. Such a joy…..

Sunday was nothing. I think it rained? Didn’t do a lot except clean and rearrange a bit. Armondo came about 9pm. Good looking young man living out of his car driving across the states from Pennsylvania.  He has hit 15 states so far, taking photos of the “Welcome to (insert a state name here)!” signs. Fun!

He left early Monday morning. Joe and Julie left closer to 11am Monday. So Monday I changed all the bedding upstairs. And washed the bedding. And the downstairs curtains. Hung the new curtains in the living room big window. And washed windows. And towels. And wiped things down. And put laundry away. And hung sheets, towels, curtains and etc out on my CLOTHESLINE that I love. (Thank you Gary for that.) Finished the mowing because Fred sharpened my mower blades. My Fred River, not yours.

Speaking of Gary….His last email ” One more thing you you need to know Susan is that I am not ever going to give up on you!  I will leave you alone for now to give you your space and time you need but I am hoping sometime you will change your mind because I care and like you!.. going to miss you sincerely!…Gary”  Great. I have a stalker hovering in the background.

Tuesday. I’m back at work. And already bored outta what is left of my mind. LOL.


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