So I’ve been…..

…..struggling with Lori’s death. She was my dearest friend since 1997. Someone do the math….24 years? I want my 3 hour phone call with her. Her daughter posted on FB last night “I want my mom back.” About knocked me to my knees.

Then last night I find out a kid I used to work with when I met Nick, was found dead in his bed. He’s probably around 40? But I still see that teenager I worked with, always tilted his head like Princess Di and look up at you smiling. Not that he was a princess. Just the head tilt. Work with me here.

I really need a vacation. However….two of my dear friends who knew Lori are coming to stay for 4 days in mid July. I’m beyond excited and I think this will be a GREAT break I need. I took a 4 day Memorial weekend. Got SO much stuff done around the house. I’m happy.

Last night I dropped over $1,600 on carpeting for my living room. Yes, I’m covering those hardwood floors up again.

I just want it warmer in that HUGE room (16’x25′) for winter. Plus I am getting new furniture. Finding what I WANT. One piece at a time. The love seat you see? I paid $12.18 for it at the Restore because I didn’t care if the puppies ruined it. I may put it out on the screen porch in the next two weeks. Carpet is due in that time frame. Then the end of June, my kitchen window is getting measured to be replaced. I can barely open that now.

I asked on FB yesterday WHY are people physically distancing their cars at stoplights??? Really ?? 30-40′ between the cars?? My g/f Cindy said “So they don’t get Carvid!!!” WINNER!!!!!!!! The unbelievable stupid things people do. THINK about the people behind you hanging the ass end of THEIR car out where it can get hit because some idiot can’t pull up like you are sposed to.

Rant over.

I really do need a vacation.

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6 thoughts on “So I’ve been…..

    1. My hardwoods in the living room are original from 1955 when it was still a school. Approx $2,500 – $3,000 to refinish floors or $1,600 to carpet and make that HUGE room a lot warmer looking and feeling….hmmmm

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      1. Actually original from when the school was built in 1916. Tongue and groove hardwood maple. Dining room is gorgeous. Living room? not so much.


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