And it’s getting there….

Tomorrow afternoon, the new carpet goes in.

Ry stayed over last night. That 14 yo stinker is now taller than me. By 6″ or more!! Anyway, he helped carry a bunch of stuff upstairs so the living room is ‘getting there’. Some things just slid over into the dining room but hey, it’s clearing out.

Yes, that is my cat. He is twice the size of Louie.

That damn book case to the right? The back has come off. I have to find somewhere else to put all my cookbooks and booze!! lol Because it’s going outside for $5. My desk, stereo, TV etc…are all going to get slid into the dining room.

My living room is 16′ x 25′. So I get a seam somewhere. Yay!

But I will have ONE downstairs room with a warm floor come this winter.

I can’t wait.

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8 thoughts on “And it’s getting there….

    1. If it wasn’t almost twice the $ to sand and finish, I’d do that.

      The wood stove is under my dining room/bedroom. The living room isn’t as warm so that is the main reason. The rest of my floors are finished wood. Except the bathroom which has ceramic tile.

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  1. my house is old and if I didn’t have carpet in my livingroom I’d freeze to death…as it is this house is cold anyway! My kids always complain when they come that its so cold in here esp in the winter. I tell them to put more clothes on! To me, its too cold right now with the air conditioner running I have to go outside to warm up! Speaking of those 90 horrid temps…its headed our way. Guess I should mow me grass before that heat becomes unbearable. :(( Just drink more wine and enjoy the fact that the air conditioning works!

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  2. Warm floors are priceless. For some reason, I chose stained concrete floors throughout the kitchen and the walkways throughout the house. In summer, my floors are cooling, which is nice. In winter, they’re a freaking icebox! The price I gotta pay for beauty and practicality, I suppose. Love your hardwood floor, but I think you’re really going to enjoy the carpet! Mona

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