Pre- carpet….

As of this morning. Looking pretty bare in there. I moved the trunk out this morning. And the floor needs far too much work to be ready. I’m going to redo the dining room tho. It’s looking pretty worn now.

This is another reason I won’t finish this floor. WHY the guy didn’t take the square out of the closet instead is beside me. He also did this on my bedroom floor.

This is right under the huge window. So it’s not like I can hide it. Except under carpeting.

I’ll post photos Monday of the finished thing…….lol.

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7 thoughts on “Pre- carpet….

  1. I suspect that at one time there was a warm air furnace the floor below and that is where the heat register was. They always put them under windows to reduce drafts long before forced air furnaces …

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    1. There was a woodstove in the basement. There were two ‘grates’ where the heat wafted upstairs into the class room. This is possibly where they took the floor from the side ‘out of the way’ to fill in the holes left behind by the grates. There are two ‘repairs’ in the dining room.

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