Let me tell ya about some LAUNDRY…..

So M stayed in FBA room Thurs and Friday nights.

B and R stayed in the FS room Friday night.

S and B stayed in the FS room Saturday night.

D and L stayed in FBA room Saturday night.

M and J came yesterday afternoon for the FS room Sun and Mon nights.

Each time the people in the room changed? …the sheets and towels change. The room gets the rugs shaken out and vac’d, everything wiped down, the coffee pot and cups washed. More coffee and coffee stuff (sugar, creamer etc) get restocked. Fresh flowers get picked and put in the rooms. The bathroom gets wiped down and fresh towels get hung.

Then I changed my bed linens, washed my comforter, feather bed, and swept everything. Most of this stuff was hung on the line to dry. And it rained all day Saturday.

Sorted more magazines, threw more away, took a bunch to the recycling(only the staple bound, they don’t want gummed bindings anymore. Messes up their machines) Moved several pieces of furniture so my dining room is looking more like a dining room. Cleaned the kitchen and all the dishes are caught up on. Made rice pudding, Round steak in the crock pot, played with Stella and Louie so they didn’t feel neglected. About have my desk ready.

I had almost 13,000 steps yesterday.

I’m exhausted today.

I need a drink.

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22 thoughts on “Laundry??

  1. Damn, I’m exhausted and I was just reading about what YOU did! You deserve a chance to sit and drink. I’ll drink boozy roosters on this end and you can drink whatever you want on your end. BTW, I like the aesthetic in your office! Mona

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