My governor is an idiot….

Evers kills GOP bill ending federal unemployment bonus

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has vetoed a Republican bill that would eliminate a $300-a week federal bonus for unemployed people.

The bonus was designed to help the unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s scheduled to end on Sept. 6 but Republican legislators pushed the bill through the Assembly and Senate earlier this month, insisting that business can’t find workers and the bonus is keeping people from seeking work.

Evers announced Tuesday he has vetoed the bill.

He wrote in his veto message that he objects to the Legislature interfering with the executive branch’s ability to administer the unemployment benefit program and there’s no evidence to support the claim the bonus is keeping people from finding work.

All the news in the papers and on TV is how the businesses here are closing because people don’t want to give up unemployment that gives people more money than they can make working.

This article just goes to show how OUT OF TOUCH our elected officials are.

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8 thoughts on “My governor is an idiot….

  1. The truth is, as long as people keep getting money from the government, why work? Businesses all over our area have signs posted looking for help. Most are offering over the minimum wage to create incentives and the only ones working, it seems are old people.

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    1. They are offering more an hour than I am making, plus sign on bonus…

      I have been here EVERY STINKIN’ day thru this whole thing….and I got NOTHING. No raise, no bonus, not even a THANK YOU.


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      1. I think that’s why so many people “give up”. If it weren’t for the fact that some of us have sense enough to know that once you rely on an outside source, the incentives begin to die and so does self reliance. That’s when “they”, the powers that be own you, body and soul. Why can’t people see that? Including those who think they are “helping” don’t get it. Some honestly feel that if they have, they need to share and thereby be “blessed” with more. Sigh.

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  2. We’re having the same worker shortages here as well. And Maine was giving an extra $600 unemployment on top of the federal! Enough already. I’m a democrat, but I draw the line here.

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    1. An extra $100/ week would have been enough plus what did the seniors get extra in their ss checks? absolutely NOTHING. While prices have gone thru the roof since Jan, they live on a 2% increase. What the hell is 2%. An extra $12/month??
      This country is BEYOND eff’d up.

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