Didja all miss me?

Two of my lilies. The yellow one in front is one of 2 huge pots of flowers Gary and I rescued from the dump. He kept one and gave one to me. GORGEOUS flowers someone just threw away instead of knowing these things will come back every year. Had to have been a $70 pot of plants. Times 2. Idiots out there irritate me. Ya it’s been a long week and it’s only Tuesday.

The other lily? I SWEAR I can smell it here at work just looking at the photo. It’s an amazing flower and smells SOOOOO good. It’s the white one under my bathroom window there to the right. Usually it touches the window sill.

Heading home to smell my beauties. Have a GREAT evening!

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4 thoughts on “Didja all miss me?

  1. I’ve been missing a lot here lately! My friend came and planted me some flowers outside of the hostas he put out a couple months ago…he just likes to piddle in my yard. This month is nearly over and school will be starting back soon…not sure where the summer went but I think for me its been spent in part time misery with this whatever chest thingy. Anyhoo hope you are well!

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