MISC news dump…

Just thought I’d do a mind dump today. I need to get some things out of my head that are bouncing around.

The storm we just had this morning was incredible! It got SO black outside, night lights came on, people needed headlights and I couldn’t see my car across the parking lot. It poured. Then the hail came. Pea/marble size. Luckily the northern tip of this storm was just a bit north of my work. It did not go as far as my house altho it did rain there. We need it. My garden is dry.

I started lawn mowing last night. I did about an hour, went in the house and about collapsed. It was too hot to be out that long working in the heat. Lots of cold water later, I felt better. I wanted to finish it tonight but unless a nice breeze comes up, the grass will be too wet to finish it. Dammit.

There is road construction everywhere. Welcome to WI. The land where there is 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad sledding. They have the street I turn on to come in to work, all torn up. But I sneak thru the alley instead of going all the way around the block. I find it amazing at the other end of our block, there is a road closed sign, the big orange striped barricades are in place, visible from that end of the block, and morons STILL drive down this way trying to get thru. They turn around and SQUEAL tires getting out of here. Plow thru our parking lot to the point 2 of our customers almost got run down. People are just pathetic lately.

Stella is expecting. Kirby the Yorkie and Stella got together late June. So the approximate due date is Aug 26. Combining the names we came up with Chiyork or Yorchi or Yorweenchi. omg. I have to stop. My head hurts laughing. Suggestions? Stella will be spayed in January. I have a tentative appointment.

Yesterday a customer/friend came in and asked about my Pups. He wants one. He just had to put his chihuahua/terrier cross down in June. He has two girls and wants to surprise them with a pup. He will stop in and meet Stella soon.

THIS article disappeared really quick from my news feed for some odd reason….?

I spoke too soon. The neighbor just text and said it’s hitting at home now. BIG hail. Ya. The Mustang is under a big tree so here’s hoping. Truck is out too but nothing seems to hurt that thing. Heavy steel. Not the crappy tin they use now a days.

I didn’t go to Portland Services this year. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the house. And it was hotter than billyhell. You can find the church on Wikipedia. Portland Prairie Methodist Church. Interesting history. Congregation founded in 1855 and the church was built in 1876 for the princely sum of $1,500. One of the circuit riders got lost in a snowstorm after he got done preaching. The next spring all they found were his boots and his Bible.

Y’all have a nice day.

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5 thoughts on “MISC news dump…

  1. Sounds like Maine. We were dry, now we’re inundated with storms. Grass is overgrown, it’s hot and they’re working on our road as well. Another litter of pups? Get that lady some birth control!

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    1. She’s getting spayed in Jan. I said she could have ONE more litter. Friend of the lady that got Jack is so sad not to have gotten a littermate of Jack’s I said I’d do one more. Then she’s done. I always have my females have ONE litter for sure. MUCH better disposition on them.

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  2. The problem with Texas is that construction goes year ’round. Some jobs are like family heirlooms, and are handed down from generation to generation.
    Hope the tree give some protection …

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