Biden checks his watch while coffins from Afghanistan are being unloaded. And the demented old fool apparently forgot that he is Commander-in-chief. As America’s top military officer he is supposed to salute, like Trump is doing in a similar situation on the left, not hold his hand over his heart like a civilian.

It’s all over the news……I cannot begin to tell you the contempt I have for that person. (I can’t even call him a man.) and the morons that threw him out to us.

This country has gone to hell. Pure and simple.

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So didja miss me again?

Antonio ……………………………………………………..and……………………………………….Juan

My boys are here, settling into their rooms, registered at school and today was the first day. No football practice so they are on the way home. Game tonight they are planning on going to. They are good kids and I am really enjoying them.

Jason and I on Sunday

Jason and I are doing well. This man is kind. Gentle. NICE. Sincere. Funny as hell. Sweet and treats me right. But if he doesn’t, then Barb will kick him in the shins, Karla plans to aim higher, and Jen will hunt him down. He’s like “I have a 12 hour lead on Karla, a 20 hour lead on Jen, I only have to worry about Barb.”

Hobbling on one leg and crutches dude? Good luck with that….


If he hasn’t taken flight by now, we’ll be OK!

Stella and the babies….

These little bugs arrived Monday morning. Five puppies. 4 male. I female. 3 brown (all males), 2 black. Momma Stella is doing VERY well and they are healthy little bugs. She barely lets me hold one before she is whimpering for me to GIVE IT BACK!!!!

The 2 black are already spoken for. Thurs evening, D brought his two daughters up and they can’t decide which brown one. But right now they all look the same so they will come back in a month and decide. They are all adorable. And they are all doing well. I’ll tie a little ribbon around a leg when they decide.

I wouldn’t want to choose. They are ALL adorable….hoping some get the longer curly hair of their daddy…..

It’s raining. We have flooding AGAIN. And I will have water in the basement tonight. *sigh*

Y’all have a great weekend!!

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I need to get this done…

I miss that big dog. He was as loyal as they come. Don’t get me wrong, I love my two little bugs. But there is just something about the way I feel safer with a big dog. I will probably try to find one next spring. Finding a name for him will be interesting. Lennox was not happy I didn’t keep “Boss” for Louie so who knows. Maybe I’ll let him name the pup.

I need someone who can draw to incorporate Nick’s name into this flower. I’m getting it on my finger soon…….

I am ready for some fun with tats. Maybe I’ll get them both done at the same time.

Show me your tats….

The only one I have right now…

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Dear Nick,

I know it’s been awhile. And I’m sorry. Trying to do everything alone is difficult at best. Impossible at worst. Only after I lost you did I really discover all you did to help us make a life. I’m constantly busy with maintenance around the house. My big concern right now is that back window sash. Sheesh. One thing after another. I trimmed up 5 trees on Saturday. It will be much easier to mow without getting an eye poked out from low hanging branches.

I love you.

And I miss you.

Hopefully the house is coming along. All but one bedroom upstairs is done. Downstairs the new carpet looks awesome. The new doors are wonderful and I LOVE it. Soon the last window will be replaced. The kitchen one. The one I can barely open and has that ratty screen YET. I can’t wait.

Yesterday I wished I had a screen door on our front door. SUCH a wonderful breeze coming thru there.

I have a fun brace on my right wrist, carpal tunnel is rearing its ugly head. I have to wear it for another week or so but I don’t think it’s helping. I’ll end up having to have that damn surgery and I don’t really want to. The pain is just making it almost unbearable.

So … I’ve met someone. I gave up looking and ….. of course. You and I met him years ago at a car show in G’ville. When I see his Cougar, I’m hoping to remember but you know us, we meet SO many car people, I remember the car, not necessarily the people. Jason remembers me tho. And knew exactly who you are. He thinks you were a great guy. I had to heartily agree.

He’s sporting a wonderful boot on his left leg right now. He had a tire blow up on him. 10 or 15 seconds later, and the damn thing would have blown up in his face, killing him. Scary to think about. Because I like this guy. A real gentleman compared to that last asshat. Makes me leery and I’m taking this very slow. I don’t like meeting new men. I can’t have you back. So I just want a companion and someone to do things with. He’s a goof and gets my jokes. (Unlike Gary where everything went over his head.) He makes me laugh and smile. We have a great time when we go out. Stella and Louie love him which is a plus.

Speaking of Stella, puppies are due next week. 4 of them are spoken for. If there’s a long hair? I may keep it. Chiweenie/Yorkie. Yorkchiwes. Yorweechis. I haven’t come up with a good combo name for them yet. LOL I know you probably wouldn’t like Stella or Louie but they keep my laughing. And on days I’m missing you the worst? They seem to know it and be extra funny. Louie is very in tune with me. He is my protector. Silly 9# dog thinks he’s 10′ tall and bulletproof. I miss our Jegs something awful. But he was in such pain. It was time.

I’m watching Mom & Dad slow down. A lot. My heart hurts knowing that they are not immortal. And yet I know they’ll be with you waiting for when I get there. I hope you hugged Lori for me. I miss her like I miss you. Every day. And it’s still knocking me to my knees. I just can’t accept her being gone. It’s not right.

Jason wants to go away for a weekend. That would be fine by me. To just not think about things for a few days can renew my soul.

I Miss you. More than words can say. Happy birthday in Heaven hon. Wednesday you would have been 64. Far too young, my love. Far too young.

Always and forever,


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Yesterday was the start

…..of my 23rd year here.

Two days ago there was a guy in here. He owns a limo service. He’s looking for drivers.

I could do that. Retire and drive that BIG ASS PINK LIMO he drove away in….

Wear a top hat, bow tie, tux and high heels…

Whaddaya think????

I’m outta here for today. Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

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That’s been my week.

So yesterday I went to pick up my new toy.

As I leave my office, chest pains hit. And they continue thru the gun transaction until I get back to work. On the way back, my lower right back spasms.

I’m like you have GOT to be kidding me.

I get home. New potential comes over to shop in my Pchef stuff. I drag it all out, sort into Throw, Garage sale and Keep. I threw a bunch of cardboard into the recycle at work (what the hell was I saving THAT for??) and I have a big pile for the garage sale the end of the month. Now there is enough room in that closet for my vacuum AND my carpet shampooer!!!

Then I am reading my book and a UTI decides to show up so I down a quart of cranberry juice. THAT’S all better now.


Let’s see how many catch it….. lol

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