So didja miss me again?

Antonio ……………………………………………………..and……………………………………….Juan

My boys are here, settling into their rooms, registered at school and today was the first day. No football practice so they are on the way home. Game tonight they are planning on going to. They are good kids and I am really enjoying them.

Jason and I on Sunday

Jason and I are doing well. This man is kind. Gentle. NICE. Sincere. Funny as hell. Sweet and treats me right. But if he doesn’t, then Barb will kick him in the shins, Karla plans to aim higher, and Jen will hunt him down. He’s like “I have a 12 hour lead on Karla, a 20 hour lead on Jen, I only have to worry about Barb.”

Hobbling on one leg and crutches dude? Good luck with that….


If he hasn’t taken flight by now, we’ll be OK!

Stella and the babies….

These little bugs arrived Monday morning. Five puppies. 4 male. I female. 3 brown (all males), 2 black. Momma Stella is doing VERY well and they are healthy little bugs. She barely lets me hold one before she is whimpering for me to GIVE IT BACK!!!!

The 2 black are already spoken for. Thurs evening, D brought his two daughters up and they can’t decide which brown one. But right now they all look the same so they will come back in a month and decide. They are all adorable. And they are all doing well. I’ll tie a little ribbon around a leg when they decide.

I wouldn’t want to choose. They are ALL adorable….hoping some get the longer curly hair of their daddy…..

It’s raining. We have flooding AGAIN. And I will have water in the basement tonight. *sigh*

Y’all have a great weekend!!

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6 thoughts on “So didja miss me again?

    1. Jason and I have only been dating about a month. I broke up with asshat last January and gave up finding someone who I could trust and be with.

      Then Jason dropped into my life, Great guy. I just feel bad he’s dragging around a broken leg right now.

      Puppies!!! 5 puppies!! so adorable and 4 spoken for so far!!


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