Ashley Furniture

….is the worlds largest furniture place in the world now.

Or so they claim….


Ashley Furniture Industries becomes the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture.

OK so maybe they are….

The main office is about 18 miles north of me.

And I went shopping yesterday. The $12.18 love seat I bought a couple years ago is done. I wanted something new. I told Jason the LAST time I had a NEW couch was 1988. I think I deserved a new one.

So after walking thru the WHOLE store and finding SEVERAL I LOVED…..I bought this….

The first couch I sat on, you literally sank into it and I could have snuggled up and gone to sleep. So soft and nice and the material was so soft….and White. Stella and Louie would have had it messed up in 2 weeks. So no…..

I also found a nice grey one I really liked too.

Till I found this. I sat down and felt ‘at home’. I love it. And it was 25% off. I’m happy with it. However I can’t get it till 10/9.

I am not a patient person when it comes to things like this…


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11 thoughts on “Ashley Furniture

  1. That looks fun. I checked out Ashley when we bought our last set of furniture and was amazed how many of their couches only had fabric on one side of the cushions. No ability to flip, which I thought was weird.

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    1. I like this ONE cushion. It won’t slide out and I won’t have to put the damn thing back together every time I get up. Plus the back cushions come off so Jason and I….well never mind.

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