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  1. Boo,
    Through the years, I think I remember something about the boats. However, you’re right, there hasn’t been much put out there about them. I think the focus has been on what happened in the vicinity of the Twin Towers and in specific people’s lives on that day. I think both a curse and a blessing of media in general is that while they expose the “goings on” in life, they expose both the strengths and the weak links of society and with that…our infrastructure. Do I want terrorists knowing the weak links in our infrastructure? No, even if that means I don’t get to know it either. I don’t want terrorists to think about the boats if they haven’t thought about them before. I don’t want them to think, “Okay, we want to wipe out the boats and the trains and the airports and the buses,” when maybe they’d only thought about the airports and trains. Why give them extra ideas? Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. I just think that sometimes, media and the movies give people who are evil ideas that they wouldn’t have but for what they saw on TV or at the movies. Ugh. But there a huge group of unsung heroes out there and God Bless each and every one of them! Mona

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      1. At the moment, I’m scared…for the country, for our family…for the world, actually. I feel like there’s nothing I can really do but keep moving forward and leave it in God’s Hands because mine feel so ineffectual against all of the evil in the world. But whatever little bit I can do, I try; and I love Todd Beamer’s fighting spirit! “Let’s Roll,” indeed! Glad you’re writing these posts. You are surely doing your part! Mona

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      2. We all are. None of the 9/12 camaraderie is here anymore. People so hated Trump they couldn’t see the good he did. That Biden has undone simply because he hated Trump. It’s so pathetic. I LIKED my independence from foreign oil. $1.87/gas was NICE. I don’t like this $3.09 shit. But it’s ok. Because those 80million plus people? Are quiet now.

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