First there were 5….

I have no clue which are who. Except Nico being bathed by Stella.(top of photo)

Then there were 4…………..

Nico, Inky, Pepper, and Odin

Then there were 3…….

Pepper, Odin (front) , and Inky digging for something ……

Then there were 2……..

Miss Pepper and Odin

And tonight? There will be none….Miss Pepper (black) and Tanner (they are calling him Odin….poor puppy) are the only 2 left. L is coming to get them at 4:30pm when I get home. And there will not be any more. Stella is to get spayed in November.


Inky left at 7am Sunday morning. I cried. I was hoping to get to keep him but he needs Bre as much as Bre needs him. She lives just a few miles from me so I will get to see him. Hopefully often.

He will be a therapy dog! I’m so proud of him!

[Yes, that is what I look like at 7am after 4 Kahlua and creams the night before. LOL]

I want my two babies back. Stella and Louie…..Babies. Pffffft.

They are over 18 months now. Stella doesn’t even want to be in the kennel with her babies anymore. Tonight after they leave, the kennels get set up in the laundry room for their daytime haunt. I have to see if Louie can stand to be in the ‘same room’ as her or if I have to put both big kennels in the laundry. That could get interesting. LOL. I pulled the small one in this morning for him because it’s too cold on the screen porch now. Boy did I get a look. Then he laid down and closed his eyes. He knows Momma has to go to work. Stella will remember that too.

Speaking of puppies outside…my next project is tearing all the flooring except the base out of the screen porch. I can’t wait to get on that.

Then I want to replace the vanity in the bathroom. For some reason the doors fight me to shut properly. It’s time for a new one. One from THIS century…not the 70’s or 80’s like the one I have now.

And I was talking with Juan. His room is the last one to need windows. I may have to check into that.

My new kitchen window looks awesome and I’ll do photos soon.

It’s cold here. I don’t like it because I have to wear shoes now. Ugh

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5 thoughts on “First there were 5….

    1. Dexter no. He was the reason I did this. It’s the 4 extras that are difficult and Inky was the worst. Even tho I know I’ll get to see him often. I got real attached to him because no one picked him until I called Bre and let her know. She was so excited to get him.

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    1. It wasn’t easy but they are all close except Odin. And apparently the family getting him comes ‘home’ 3 or 4 times a year so I can see him if I want.


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