Some excitement in my little town…..

This was taken from my front step about 9:30ish last night. It’s the sales barn 2 miles away. Three businesses are affected by this including Ashley Furniture.

Fire trucks ran back and forth to G’ville most of the night. At 5:30am the FD was called back for some hot spots that were flaring up again.

This first little light on the horizon is the same area that was ablaze last night. You can see the platform in front of my house I was standing on. This photo is from 6am when I took Stella and Louie out.

A beautiful sunrise. I love how I get this almost every morning.

Jason sent me this photo this morning. Taken just a bit after midnight. VERY bright out last night. My house is 2 miles to the left in this photo.

I’m glad Jason and I are still talking. We have decided to be just friends and no longer ‘date’. He is a great guy. A good man and handsome, funny, very witty. I’m glad we’ll be friends.

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6 thoughts on “Some excitement in my little town…..

  1. i remained on speaking terms with all my Xs, first X’s kids call me auntie AND several of my old friends commented that he married a bigger than life (me). she and me we getz along too. Most everyone has something to give as well as something to hide. i’m sorry about poor sales barn BUT very glad no one was physically hurt. That kind of excitement i CAN REALLY LIVE WITHOUT. ps, your wish is my command….i came, i saw, i AJKXOIU OOPS KITTEN ON THE KEYBOARD.

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