11 thoughts on “So now I’m stuck

  1. Oh Boo, I’m so sorry. My daughter works at the University of Toronto and she had to get it too. She was not happy about it and neither were we. She has complications from it too. Her lymph nodes swelled up and she has some nerve issues with it. This forced vaccination is all wrong both morally and scientifically. Morally it violates the Nuremberg code that states that no one should be forced to take a medical procedure against their will. Scientifically, vaccination does not insure against disease. And technically, this is not a vaccine it is experimental, gene therapy. They could have gotten over this in about two months if they had closed all boarders and forced a major lock down for that period of time. It would have burned itself out. I will pray for you.

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    1. I know. And too many are bullying about getting it including that MORON in the White House. Absolute WORST thing to happen to this country and the world EVER.

      Then you have that other idiot from KISS saying unvaccinated are the enemy. WTF???

      People would be different if it was recommended instead of FORCED which is exactly what is happening.

      So much for land of the free.

      If they would have shut the borders and locked down, this would have been DONE in 3 months instead of being allowed to mutate. Again and again.

      Omicron? Rearrange the letters. I C moron.

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      1. or “moronic” This really has to stop. They have no idea of long term effects of the “vaccines” are. We are holding strong against it but it is easier for us because we are retired.


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