Slow down people!!

UPDATE: More than dozen injured in multi-vehicle crashes in Jackson County that shut down I-94 for miles…and miles

More than 100 vehicles reportedly were involved in crashes resulting from icy road

Posted: December 23, 2021 12:40 PM Updated: December 23, 2021 1:15 PM by Christi Reynard, Mike Tighe NEWS8000.COM

Crash 1

Although initial Wisconsin State Patrol reports said nobody was injured in multi-vehicle crashes on ice-slickened Interstate 94 in Jackson County early Thursday, a doctor said later that 12 to 15 people had been taken to Mayo Clinic Health System facilities in Osseo and Black River Falls.

The victims were suffering from trauma, scrapes and broken bones, according to the physician, who said about 20 ambulances were on the scene of the crashes, which the Highway Patrol said involved more than 100 vehicles.

As of 12:30 p.m., five patients had been taken to Mayo in Osseo, a spokesman there said. Three were treated and released and one was transferred to Mayo Clinic Health System – Eau Claire.

The patrol blamed freezing rain for icy conditions shortly before 6 a.m. along the I-94 corridor from Menomonie to Black River Falls.

Emergency services responded to multiple crashes, run-offs and jackknifed semi units in Jackson County near Hixton. Earlier reports had indicated the smash-ups were in Trempealeau County.

Several emergency agencies responded to a multiple-vehicle crash about 5:45 a.m. and found a semi unit ablaze in the median on fire with two passenger vehicles underneath. Several secondary crashes and run-offs occurred in the general vicinity.

Drivers and passengers in the crashed vehicles were bused to an alternate safe location.

More than 100 vehicles were involved in crashes, according to troopers.

All lanes of I-94 are closed, and the State Patrol established alternate routes.

Traffic is being diverted at the Osseo and Northfield exits, but the State Patrol advised avoiding the area if possible.

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This letter is to notify you that provisional credit has been issued to your account on 12/22/2021 for the transaction(s) listed above while we investigate your claim.  (MY Claim?? You all called ME and told me about it!! AND DIDN’T FILE THE CLAIM LIKE YOU TOLD me you did!)

If the merchant issues a refund or if an investigation provides compelling evidence that there was no error in the processing of this transaction(s), then the provisional credit that we issued may be reversed. 

You will receive further communication within 45 days of when the unauthorized activity was reported to notify you of the final resolution on your fraud case. (Ya, THEY take the money immediately but WE have to wait 45 days)

If there are any additional transactions that were unauthorized that are not listed above, please respond to this email or call 800-***-**** and ask for the Fraud Department to report it.

Please reach out if you have any further questions or concerns about your claim.

This happened back in October too but they stopped the charges and shut down the card. This time? They let $223.31 plus a $2.23 foreign transaction fee go thru. EVEN after I shut the card down and got a new one. It was PENDING when I did that. And the guy told me it was stopped and wouldn’t go thru. This was Tuesday. On Wednesday I went in to double check and the charge had gone THROUGH!


My daughter says this happened to a friend of hers too, and she’s heard of others. Hmmmm my bank has let their safety measures go lax??

Then going through all this, I noticed the transfer for Logan’s Birthday ‘failed’. Here the wrong savings accounts were set up on some of the g’kids accounts!! So I’ll be spending a few hours at the bank ON MY VACATION getting THAT all straightened out….*sigh*

Modern technology. Ain’t it great????

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Hey Nick!

It was SO nice to see you in my dream last night! It has been awhile!

No surprise you were driving an old car that needed fixing. But a 30’s fat fender Ford with a rumble seat? That’s new!

And man was it rusty!? Where ever did you find it?

We drove thru Ignace, Canada. Which was a hoot considering we are at least 8 hours from there, and ended up at Ken’s place looking for the car wash. (Ken’s is where we met. About 30 minutes from where I work)

Honey? Ken’s never had a car wash. And I think if we would have washed that car? It would have disintegrated. I don’t know where you got the 8′ long shishkabob rods. They were too rusty to use too.

I really don’t care how silly the dream was. I got to ‘see’ you again. I miss you beyond words.

Love of my life.



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My student experience…

I’ve been trying to figure out my life for the last almost 7+ years now. Ever since we got that God awful diagnosis in October 2016. Two years of doctoring, late night ER visits, UTI’s, and generally feeling like crap finally had a name.

And for 21 months I knew what to do.

Then…he died. And that has thrown me in a tailspin for a long time. It’s so hard to know which way to turn when you lose the love of your life. It’s different than losing a parent or a child. VERY different.

Five weeks after Nick died, I ended up with Earn, even tho I didn’t want to host a student again. I wanted a year to myself. Well thank God for Earn. She was a lifesaver. She kept me focused and moving forward. I love that girl to bits and back. She’s coming to see me in March and I am beside myself with excitement.

Then I went to visit Matteo on Sardinia and brought home another lifesaver, Marghe. I miss her so much.

I took a few years off while my daughter and family lived with me. So I still hadn’t had much time by myself. Then they moved out, Lorenzo’s placement fell thru and I was alone. Really alone. For the first time in I don’t even know how long.

Just me, Jegs and Sprint. Then we added Stella and Louie to the mix.

And it turns out I was happy with that. I was fine being alone. To come and go as I pleased and not worry about anyone except the dogs, and usually I took them with. I didn’t realize it till I had Antonio and Juan.

So this morning I sent the following letter to my coordinator. I think it sums up pretty much what is real in my life.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since the boys came.

1.) I LOVE having 2 boys in my house. It’s lively and we usually have a great time talking and doing things. I think we just got a bit off track and our meeting the other night helped get us back on. I think we communicate better now.

2.) I have come to the conclusion that I am just not young enough to connect with these kids on a ‘Mom’ level anymore. And being ‘Gramma”? isn’t what the program is about.  It would probably be different if I was not a single ‘parent’. This has been what I have been wondering about for several months now. I do connect really well with Juan, which is funny because before he came, I couldn’t get 2 words out of him. Now? We talk a lot. He’s so respectful of me. Antonio and I emailed all the time before he came, now? Most of the time he won’t even look at me when he’s talking. And we don’t have long conversations like before. And I get that. It’s OK.

3.) I would prefer NOT to host anymore after this coming June. I think 6 students was a good run. After being alone in my house for a couple years, I’ve discovered I enjoy it. And if a house over by Dakota comes up? I will move. And I wouldn’t want to disrupt any student with me with a move.

I feel sad about this decision because hosting students (even with the hiccups) has been an absolute joy for me. And all of my kids know they are ALWAYS welcome to ‘come home’ and stay again whenever they want. Matteo and Corvin have;  and now Earn will be here in March. I’m so excited!

My decision has been pondered on for several months now. Nothing about these two wonderful boys has tipped me either way. And getting to know you and Ken has been a great thing too. I hope we continue to be friends.

IF you would ever need me to be a place for a student to stay while you find a permanent home for them, I would do that. And I will continue to advocate for parents to host. Younger parents. But to host a student full time? I think I’m just getting too old for that. We can talk more about this when we have supper one evening during Christmas Vacation…..?



I feel much better about things since I sent this to Sarah.

And I don’t like this aging thing.

At all.

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Storm damage…so far….

This is my big beautiful tree on the east corner.

This is my big beautiful tree next to my driveway.

These two doors weigh a ton to me. They were to be my shower doors. Good thing my front door opens in. If it would have opened out? We’d have had to go out another door.

Tornado sirens went off. Still awaiting damage reports. G’ville is black. No lights. I’m guessing E has no power either. I do.

We are all safe. Lots of miscommunication last night. I’m rather upset. But it also solidifies my desire to NOT host students again. I’m done.

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It’s been a ….

Between the damn shot STILL making my arm hurt (shot on 12/4), the weather, the Covid bullying all over the effing place, the guy that claims to want to go with me, and my boys making plans, then informing me as the girls drive in the driveway….I’m getting pretty tired of things.

So I’ve made the decision to NOT host students anymore. I could retire and can make money on my AirBnB. I have less headaches. Less dealing with kids that can’t respect anymore. I will be a last resort if they need someone and only as a last resort.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my boys. I just can’t take the stress of not knowing where they are because they have a hard time thinking of me as Mom instead of innkeeper/cook. Yesterday I was INFORMED literally as the car was turning in the driveway that they would be gone for a while. They didn’t return till after 7pm. They left at 9am and KNEW I had something going on yesterday I wanted them there for.

I’m still struggling being alone on my birthday and now the holidays are coming up. I have cut back on my spending for the g’kids because literally no one gets me anything. Next year? It may be just the money transferred to their accounts. I see others who are not even family get stuff but not me. Maybe I’ll just stay home.


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I knew something was brewing..

….even without the weather forecasting 8-12″ of the white crap.

So pretty. Hard to get a decent photo as one drives along….I just watched it.


The color was so brilliant. It’s hard to capture it. I wish my friend Bill was here to see it. He’d do it justice. Jacquie too. They really have a knack for capturing the essence of something.

and it grew some more.

…..beyond beautiful even knowing the dangerous weather coming.

The boys are excited. They see snow when they go skiing. They have never seen a Midwest snowstorm. This will be interesting.

My puppy party may be moved to Sunday…….

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