OK. What has EVERYONE been saying during this past two years?

“I’m losing my home, my store, my car, because of WalMart, McDonalds, BK, all the chains stores that were allowed to stay open.”

Well, Mom and Pops are opening up again. So why are you still patronizing McD’s? ?

“Are all the places YOU go to eat Mom and Pop? The ones you talk about ?? “

“Yes, except one. It’s a brother and sister.”


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Out for walkies…..

Hey Louie! Love the little coat! lol

I’ve been walking the dogs on this road when it’s warm enough outside. The Pine trees you see at the end of this road is the Highway. My house is a quarter mile to the right. Yes, I drive the dogs over here. I don’t want them to get used to walking on the highway.

The bridge you see is where Nick and I used to take Jegs swimming. Until some asshat put up ‘No Trespassing’ signs. Whatever. I’ll take these guys to the beach and see what happens.

I am so tired of this weather. Single digits for weeks now. Today the sun is warm enough to melt most of the snow we got yesterday. And my car is a dirty mess. Hoping to run it thru a car wash on Sunday.

In just over 3 months, my ‘sons’ go home. I will miss them so much. Just like the others. Definitely going out with a bang, as Juan says. My last two are GREAT kids!!

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I hate struggling.

With Nick’s death.

With the lies from the men I have dated since then.

I’ve pretty much pulled into myself and that is where I’ll stay for now.

As I told my friend Bob, I feel like there is a gate I’m hiding behind. And one day someone will try to open those gates, and I’ll drown in the flood of emotions being held behind it.

It scares the hell outta me.

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Feb 21st, 1867

This trunk was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My dad’s house had a roof leak. This trunk got hit with the rainwater. What looks like curled up I don’t know what is actually leather. In the middle of the lid was/is a flower.

It’s pretty beat up. But it’s still cool.

St. Paul Weekend Press……interesting. I can get the St Paul Pioneer Press to pull up. But not this name.

But what really catches your eye?

The date.

There is a lot of odd stuff in there too. I will have to pull it out and take photos. Chicken Dinner! 5ยข! Some fossils and some things Fred would LOVE!! Or maybe he could tell me what they are….lol

That date just makes me smile.

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Facebook Marketplace

Has anyone used it?

I put a bookcase on there at 10pm last night.

My first mistake.

I put $10 on it because I want it gone.

My second mistake.

I should have put $40 on it.

ALL night long…..30 people were bugging me about a $10 bookcase.



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What have I been telling you???

Skip Diet Soda

There’s nothing “diet” about soda, whether it’s sugar-sweetened or not, particularly when it comes to belly fat. In a study at the University of Texas, researchers followed nearly 500 adults for over a decade. They found that those who drank diet soda developed a 70 percent larger waist circumference, on average, than those who didn’t drink any soda. One possible explanation: Super-sweet artificial sweeteners make the body expect calories. When they don’t arrive, the body turns up hunger signals in response.

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Some examples….

Currently working on
Think I may have sold both of these….
So soft and fluffy
My favorite one. Used yarn just a hair thicker on the stripe…dammit. All single crochet
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. I should try it with a blue accent too….
Just gave this one to a guy in our northern store. Their baby is due in March and they are NOT finding out ahead of time. They LOVE this blanket…So do I.
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New to me…..

I had used a trunk as my coffee table. I didn’t want to do that anymore. One trunk I have in the basement is lined with a newspaper from 155 years ago. Feb 1867. Yes, I’ll get a photo for you.

So Sunday I drove 45 minutes away to get this.

3 foot x 3 foot x 22 inches.

Each side has a drawer and a pull out to put your drink on so you don’t get water rings on the top.

I love it.

What made it nicer? I got to see a friend I haven’t physically seen in a few years. We chat on messenger a few times a year, she works about 5 minutes from my work. But getting together doesn’t always happen. She is done at 2pm. I am done at 4pm. Kind of like ships that pass in the night.

We went for breakfast and chatted. We went back to her house. And chatted some more.

Hoping to get together again soon.

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