I had a good Sunday…

Earn, Juan and I went to Winona to watch two of my youngest Granddaughters skate. “Ice School Musical” was the title. It was cute.

I like this photo. I look human.

I complimented Jules on her outfit…..straight out of the 70’s. lol! They are so adorable….

…..and I got to see this beautiful girl. My g’daughter Hannah. She will be 15 in June. Such a pretty girl. I was talking to my parents when I felt a pull on my arm and she was standing there. She give me SUCH a hug I had tears in my eyes…she whispered in my ear “I miss you so much.” (getting leaky now just thinking about her)

The most current photo I HAD of her on my wall.

Her mother has decided it’s best to keep my son’s children from me. The girls don’t want that but hey who knows best….?

So I’m glad I get to put a more current photo on my G’kids wall. She’s so sweet. I love her so…..

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So this happens….

….when I get up at 6am to head to the bathroom. When I come back…..

…..my pillow is occupied.

…..apparently the flash disturbed his snooze.

You all wonder why I want to retire and stay home. This is one of several reasons. These little bugs make me happy, they make me smile, they make me laugh.

WHO ME?????

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