One down….

16 plus to go…..

I know, I know. Let him live. Let him go. …. So he can undermine someone else’s garage to the tune of …How much does it cost to build a 4 car garage????

*Always check with your state wildlife agency before relocating any animals from your property. There may be laws in your area prohibiting you from doing so. Relocating groundhogs is illegal in some states due, in part, to fears of spreading rabies. You might want to check with them about what a safe distance is, depending on where you live.


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The battle continues….

That bastard woodchuck will die this summer.

I cannot even BEGIN to calculate the damage he has caused.

I can have him meet his demise via info from the DNR themselves.

I was beyond happy to find out I can shoot that little bastard with no penalties.

He screwed up when he ruined my garage floor.

Ya. I’m pissed.

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My birthday flower and my Dad’s birthday….

My birthday present blooms again!

Daughter gave me this for my birthday last December. It’s been trying to bloom for a couple weeks now. This morning when I came into my office, I see this. So pretty and delicate. It’s about 1/2″ across. Just cute. It made me smile.

Grandpa and Lennox had almost matching teeth yesterday! Lennox got nailed by that dreaded teeter totter. Dad bit into something far too hard.

Lennox went to the dentist at 7:30am and is already back in school all fixed up.

Dad? he gets to be fitted for a bridge.

His 90th birthday party after church yesterday was a big hit. He really enjoyed it. So did everyone else.

My dad will always be 50 and strong and invincible.

Saturday he turned 90. Where did those 40 years go?

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