An incredibly sad day for the US.

Roe VS Wade has been overturned.

A man can have sex every day and cause 365 pregnancies in ONE year.

A woman can have ONE pregnancy in a year (and maybe start a second one)


And NO ONE but ME and my doctor have a RIGHT to decide what to do with MY body.


Pathetic. SO pathetic.

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It’s NTYDTW day!!

They can see me but can’t get to me. And it’s making them nervous…lol

National Take Your Dog to Work Day….

They were a tad tired after worrying about Momma sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THEM all morning…..because ……she might LEAVE!

After lunch, we went for a walk. But since it’s over 90*F, it was a very short walk.

Around the block.

LOL….poor puppies…

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Or am I…..?


I’m so ready for vacation. Back to the 50’s was great. I had a wonderful time with my Illinois Mafia guys. They are great guys.

Door County will be something all new to me. Nick and I always wanted to go and never made it. I’m doing the trips alone he wanted us to do.

I hope he’s looking down and seeing how I am accomplishing things.

Next week, I start the screen porch. I want that done so I can sit out there. It’s my favorite room.

And I have LOTS more plants to put out there this year.

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