Who hit me……

….with a BAT? OMG I hurt last night and today ain’t much better. Up and down steps. Up and down with the cordless screwing in the flooring. Hauling heavy plywood.

It’s done and I will paint it to preserve it over winter. Next spring, I’ll lay the new flooring.

Then up and down the steps to finish this….

No backsplash. See the ugly mauve paint showing? The mop board to the right of the vanity is just standing there. It’s now attached. As is the rest of it on both sides.

With backsplash. It looks SO much nicer. All that’s left is flooring. And I’ll work on that this winter.

Final project….this table. When I bought this 25+ years ago, the top was crappy. A friend ran it thru his planer and smoothed it all out. When he reattached the left (in this photo) top, he got one side less than 1/16″ of an inch off. The ‘apron’ under the edge did not match up. It’s been driving me crazy for a long time now. Usually I have a leaf in there so it’s a non issue. I wanted the table smaller since it’s just me. So my friend brought her GOOD sander down and VIOLA! I have a table that the EDGES MEET NOW!!!

Three projects done and I am beyond happy about them.

It was a good day’s work and it was a good day.

I need more of those….

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So I have something going on here…..

It’s called a ‘labral tear’ in my right hip.

It hurts like a bastard when I move just right and irritate it. I mean light headed and pass out kind of pain.

This is the reason I could not get up off the floor when the g’kids were there and we painted the closet.

Now I have to decide if I want to have surgery to repair or live with it for a few more years and get a hip replacement.

If I knew I’d not need a hip replacement, I’d get it repaired. I just don’t want to go thru surgery another 5-10 years down the road.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Anyone else ever heard of this? It’s similar to a rotater cuff in your shoulder or the meniscus in your knee. I couldn’t drive for a while. I can’t drive my classics at all for a while then. It’s a big decision. I’d do it during the winter but then I run the risk of slipping on the ice while on crutches.

Good Lord…..what next??

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