Something ucky is nice again….

This was my hallway Saturday morning….

Saturday afternoon, we had gotten most of the linoleum up and were working on the backing and glue. Remember this stuff was put down in the 70’s or 80’s so lots of traffic had made it adhere quite well.

Sunday morning….

Later Sunday morning after I played alone for a while. MOST of the glue is gone.

Added some filler for nail holes and gouges. The floor in the closet was NOT good. So he framed in a floor to cover the booboo’s.

And now?





Well? How does it look? I have the old furnace duct with me today to get a new one. And I’m repainting the walls a light grey, I think so I can paint the trim white or cream because there are so many paint spatters from past attempts. I LOVE it. And now I can’t wait to start painting!



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