About me….

Nick and Sue benefit
I miss him so. I always will.

Grandmother of 10 (Now 11!!)  of the best!  consisting of biological, step, adopted and foster. I love them all regardless. They are the light of my life and a joy to behold.

My husband and I collected classic cars. I kept a few. The ones I can’t bear to part with. Like the truck, and the Mach, and the Capri…….

I love to read, crochet, binge watch TV shows on Netflix and drive my truck.

….and drive my car…..

And travel…..Italy……I love you so……England….here I come!!
scratch rocks
I love helping people, and on that note, I am hoping to go back to school to become a counselor. Specializing in grief counseling.

I grew up on a farm in SE MN. I learned to love the land and all that entails. I’m not a city girl and would NEVER live within town lines. I would shrivel and die.

I hope you enjoy, learn from, ponder on some of my words I have put forth and go away either thinking or laughing. Thank you for stopping by. Leave a hello and from whence you hail….?


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