About me….

Nick and Sue benefit
I miss him so. I always will.

Grandmother of  11 13 of the best!  consisting of biological, step, and adopted. I love them all regardless. They are the light of my life and a joy to behold. Now includes a set of TWINS!!

My husband and I collected classic cars. I kept a few. The ones I can’t bear to part with. Like the truck, and the Mach, and the Capri…….

I love to read, crochet, binge watch TV shows on Netflix and drive my truck…..

….and drive my car…..

And travel…..Italy……I love you so……Europe! ….here I come!!
scratch rocks
I love helping people, and on that note, I am hoping to go back to school to become a counselor. Specializing in grief counseling.

I grew up on a farm in SE MN. I learned to love the land and all that entails. I’m not a city girl and would NEVER live within town lines. I would shrivel and die.

I hope you enjoy, learn from, ponder on some of my words I have put forth and go away either thinking or laughing. Thank you for stopping by. Leave a hello and from whence you hail….?


14 thoughts on “About me….

  1. Hi! Thanks for finding me at Roughwighting. I lived in the SF Bay area for 20 years, but am now living in New England, near Boston, and trying to learn to love the seasons. Fall is great. So is spring and summer. That other season – not so much.

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