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So where DID the money go???

You know that money? That they TOOK from me for the 5 months I did not have health insurance in 2015 while Nick was so ill. When I didn’t have the time or the inclination to do anything for MYSELF. … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday…

And I think I am a bit better. And that is all I have today.  

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I am going to try….

….to be better at hiding how I am feeling. It is the holidays and everyone else deserves to have a happy day. Even if my mental state won’t let me. I heard from AW again. He continues to tell me … Continue reading

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I really figured….

…….by now, I’d be doing better than I am. But I hear this is normal. Especially around the holidays. Normal. What is feeling normal? Unable to sleep? and when you do drop off, it’s the sleep of the dead and … Continue reading

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We all know….


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You are likely to find yourself in exactly the right position for perhaps securing a promotion of sorts for yourself. HA! With the holidays getting closer, I’m finding myself slipping deeper into lethargy, depression, funk….whatever you want to call it. … Continue reading

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Only 1 1/2 days left….

…of this week so you just might make it…..LOL!! I’m not much in the Christmas spirit this year. Or maybe I am. The kids are not getting a shitload of presents. They are getting MEANING-FILLED presents this year. Papa Pillows … Continue reading

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