We have a love/hate relationship…..

I LOVE that little boy. He’s not what I’m talking about. LOL

It’s that mower. I LOVE how it cuts. How it makes my lawn look. The ease of using it.

…..till a belt breaks.


Take the deck off.

(clean out 10lbs of grass cuttings)

Cut yourself a half dozen times.

Make up new curse words.

But after 2 hours of the above, Fred and I got the new belt and the two new pulleys on the beast. It moves, it cuts, it will live another year at my house.

I got half the lawn mowed on Monday before it quit.


It’s sposed to rain/thunderstorms till Sunday sometime.

Of course it is.

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This makes me BEYOND angry…….and it should you too…..

Courts often don’t consider the catch-22 that such moms find themselves in. In 2015, a man in Frederick, Oklahoma, fractured a toddler’s skull, and the boy later died. The jurors convicted the man and recommended a 17-year prison sentence. Another jury recommended that his girlfriend, who was the boy’s mother and had been asleep during the injury, go to prison for life. “A lot of the disproportionate treatment is rooted to our psyche in this state: We tend to get madder at the woman who we felt like didn’t protect the kid than we do the man who abused the kid,” says Tim Laughlin, executive director of the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, which defended the mother in Frederick. “It seems to be part of our collective consciousness,” he adds. In Oklahoma, at least 15 women accused of failure to protect received longer sentences than thei

r male partners who were accused of abuse. On average, these women got 20 years of prison or probation, while the men got less than eight.


“During closing statements, McAmis focused on how Purdy repeatedly called King from jail and King kept talking to him.

“Those jail phone calls, they’re disgusting,” McAmis told the jurors. Then she mockingly offered her interpretation of King during the calls: “‘Bummer for you, Lilah. Mommy is still in love. You’re on your own, kid.’” On the phone with Purdy, King said she loved him and even wanted to have another child with him.

That “sunk the ship,” Boeheim, her attorney, recalls. “You could just see the jury fold up.”

Boeheim had tried to tell the jury that during the calls, Purdy incessantly begged King to say she loved him and threatened to hurt her if she didn’t. At one point he said he’d take the baby away if King didn’t stay in a relationship with him. According to a court document, he said he’d shoot bullets at her kids, kidnap her, tie her up, and rape her:

Tell me you love me. When I get out of here I’m going to drop kick you. I’m going to kick your teeth in. I’m just kidding, baby. I’m just kidding. Tell me you love me. You want to marry me. Come on, just go run down to the courthouse and you can marry me. You can marry me. Come on, we’re soulmates. Tell me you love me. I’ve got to hear you love me. I’ll carve your face. I’ll carve my initials in your face. Come on, you know I’m just joking, baby.

King talked with Purdy initially because she “wanted to understand why he did what he did,” she tells me. She doesn’t know why she kept talking with him after that. But experts say it’s not uncommon for survivors to continue engaging with their abusers, and that it can be difficult to cut ties. “I really thought I loved him,” she says.”

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Lucky me….

  1. 9 Year Anniversary AchievementHappy Anniversary with WordPress.com!You registered on WordPress.com 9 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

This morning over Ettrick. We are to be rainy on and off all day. Fine by me. We need it.

See that spindly thing in the middle? What’s left of one of my nice big lavender lilac bushes. I’ll be cutting it to the ground and starting over. Makes me sad but she’s sick. It would be nice to just dig it out and make lawn but that won’t happen as some of the branches are 5″ or 6″ thick.

I’ll whack it and hope for the best.

See the little red flowers in front? That’s a shrimp plant. The flowers look very similar to shrimp. I love this plant. It’s too funny.

Have a GREAT weekend y’all!!

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