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Dearest Nick,

I miss you. Every day. I can’t help it. Twenty three years was not long enough to spend with you. I sometimes feel we were just getting started. We had so much more to do. So many things left undone. … Continue reading

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I must be healing

……..and my posts must be getting boring. I’m the only one liking them? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m starting back with Weight Watchers soon. I am talking with a friend about being an accountability buddy. Fingers crossed. I am ready to date mentally … Continue reading

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It is Humpday!

Ok, hump day AFTER coffee…..yawn. I was actually asleep before 11pm last night! Damn dog woke me at 1am. Somehow he is off his schedule. I’m gonna have to figure THAT one out. My room gets done tonight after finding … Continue reading

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Hey!!! Hello!!

It was a brisk 7* as I drove though town this morning! Oh yay. I got a nice compliment yesterday and it boosted my spirits. It came from a guy that wants to be with me. He doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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Gah! Tis Monday again!

I have to remember to take my Melatonin earlier in the evening. I don’t sleep well at midnight but OMG 6am…..I’m snoozing really well!! gah! Looks like me exercising at night. I do 30 minutes of aerobics now. I don’t … Continue reading

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My feelings zackly!

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I have this friend…..

…..that when I talk to her, I feel better. Problem is, she is in London. There are 6 or 7 hours in time difference.  And there’s that damn puddle between us. We get online whenever we can. Thank God. She … Continue reading

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