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“Based on available epidemiological data and studies of environmental transmission factors,” the CDC concluded, “surface transmission is not the main route by which SARS-CoV-2 spreads, and the risk is considered to be low.” In other words: You can put away the bleach, cancel your recurring Amazon subscription for disinfectant wipes, and stop punishing every square inch of classroom floor, restaurant table, and train seat with high-tech antimicrobial blasts. COVID-19 is airborne: It spreads through tiny aerosolized droplets that linger in the air in unventilated spaces. Touching stuff just doesn’t carry much risk, and more people should say so, very loudly.

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So I think I’m heading to IL this weekend…..

Well ya…….lol….with this bunch? yup. But I am going for a funeral for the son of one of the IL mafia. He had a stroke last week, passed away this weekend. He was 55. FAR too young.

I slept with both my bedroom windows open last night. The living room, dining, bathroom and laundry room too. APRIL 6TH people!!! I think that is a new record!!

The crickets and the bullfrogs sounded so summery last night when Stella, Louie and I went out for a walk….summer is coming….Sitting on the screen porch….

………just chillin’ with a glass of wine.

Of course you all know you are welcome to join me.

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I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately…

SO waiting for Spring to actually SPRING! I want to be outside taking care of things. I’m stuck inside finishing up some projects.

I took my walk to my friend J’s house to see Jack today.

OMG. He shied away but I would call his name and he’s like “I think I KNOW her!!”

He finally got close enough to sniff my hand; then he was all over me! Oh, such a sweet boy and he is doing SO well with J! I’m very happy. I knew he was going to a great home.

They play tag and get along so well, Gus and Jack. I feel really good about her getting him.

He licked my face all over. I’m wondering what Stella will do when I get home……

And this brightened my day…………considerably….

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Little fat boy…

……went home to his new Mommy on Friday night. I miss him. But not the 4am wake up whines.

He is too adorable.

Last night, it was like Stella finally figured out he was gone. She kept looking at the kennel and whining. So I held her for awhile. Which upsets Louie so he has to run around her and jump onto my shoulder, smooching my face.

She’ll get over it soon. We’re good.

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Dear Nick….

You know 2 weeks ago was our wedding anniversary. It was 5 years ago we finally said the I do’s we’d been planning on since June 7, 1996.

I miss you beyond words today. It’s just one of those days again. I don’t have them nearly as often as I used to. It has been almost 5 years and they were right, the pain lessens with time.

It was such a fun, impromptu kind of wedding. AWESOME fun. It would have been nice to have done it a long time ago tho. But, if wishes were horses….

It was all I could do to keep it together that day. I finally gave up and cried tears of joy. I was so happy to finally be your wife.

Some things have happened lately that make me miss you more than usual. I’ll get thru them. I always do.

I had to put Jegs down. Too many health things going on and I just felt it was time he came to be with you. The cyst on his throat was getting so hard and big. The lump on his thigh split open, all the lumps on his belly, suspected diabetes, hearing loss, eyesight going to hell. That last day I still struggled with the decision until he tried to get up. It took a while. And when I hugged him, he cringed. He never cringed. Even after that truck roll. That is when I knew I was doing the right thing. I’ll be bringing him up to you soon. I will sprinkle him over you so you two can be together again. You, Bear, Jegs, Emmy, Ansi….my loved ones.

My right hip is reminding how much fun I had playing on Play Day for 4-H. There are days I can hardly walk on it. Yet when I went for my walk at lunch today? It was fine. Now? I can hardly move. It makes no sense.

Thom has been staying in touch. I miss having him around but then again seeing him is another reminder of you. Like I need more.

I don’t know if it’s the anniversary thing, the Jegs thing, or what, but you have been heavy on my mind lately. And I like to be alone with those thoughts when it gets this much.

I’m actually enjoying being home alone with Stella and Louie. You wouldn’t like them….Too busy and Mr. Louie is my protector. Thinks he’s 10′ tall and bulletproof. God help a big dog that wants me to pet them. He might just shred their ankles. *sigh*

I read an article yesterday. The man lost his wife to TB after 2 1/2 years of marriage. But 488 days after she died, he wrote her the most beautiful love letter. His P.S. was “I didn’t know where to send this. I don’t have your new address.” I about lost it.

Know that I think about you a lot. I miss you so much and I will always love you.


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Ok NOW the loo is almost finished….lol

As of last night. I think I might like these curtains. The Burgundy one just didn’t work.

If you look close by the floor next to the new shower, you can see some sheet rock and about 2 or 3″ of the ceramic floor tile missing. This happened when they tore out the old tub. The old tub was bigger than the new shower base. This is all that is left to finish in this room. My son is learning how to mix colored concrete. That will go between the shower base and the tile. He’ll need to remove a row to make it even. Then just a couple scrap pieces of sheet rock to fix the wall (both sides…the other is hidden behind the shelves), the new towel hooks installed when they get here, and I can finally call this room DONE.

It’s very calming and enjoyable to spend time in this room now. I had NO idea how bad it had gotten till I started painting. And I’m lovin’ it.

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