Hear no evil…….
…..see no evil……..
…………………….speak no evil……….

That dog is nuts~~!!!!

But oh so lovable!!

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I haven’t …..

…..much lately. I’ve been struggling with a lot of things. Nick being one of them. I met a lady at a bar NYday. We hit it off and enjoyed chatting. Less than a week later, her 45 yo husband died. Brought all that back again. I sometimes feel like I’m back at day one. I’m chatting with her, trying to help her through it and now I feel like I’m trying to keep my head above water.

My exchange students. Knowing these two are my last two is like losing some important people I have yet to meet. I just don’t feel like I can connect with teenagers on a Mom level at my age anymore. I’ll leave it to the ‘youngsters’. I do highly recommend the program. The rewards are beyond measure. I struggle to not love these kids but it’s impossible. They are just such great people.

Jegs. He’s been on my mind a lot too. I miss that big dog. He was just the best. So smart and so loving.

Mom and Dad. This photo is almost 10 years ago and things have really changed. Dad can hardly walk. Mom can’t without a walker now. Steps? Are almost impossible. On my dad’s side there were 3 brothers and one sister. All of his siblings are gone as well as the last sister in law last week. That’s gotta weigh heavy on them. The last of their generation. I know I think about it all the time.

Retirement. I want it so bad yet I worry I have enough put away. I know I do. I just cannot access some of it till I’m 65. So I’ll have 3 years of…….hmmmmmmm. I would hope my AirBnB would be good. I make enough on that to help now. And running full time would be fun because I do enjoy it. That way I get to stay home and be a dog mom. I love my two little bugs and so enjoy them.


I don’t know if that link will work. I hope so. You can see what a goof my Louie is. That dog loves me. I swear there is an invisible leash from him to me that’s only 10′ long. Except when we go out for potty break. As soon as he’s done, he makes a beeline for the front door. I just laugh.

Too many things on my plate and I just want to be at home.

Wish me luck…

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