My daughter is off………

…….on another adventure. A few days at Disney World or land or money-pit …whatever the one is in Florida….Then off to New York, Japan then home to Bangkok.

We were both just crying. I will miss her more than anything. She’s become a wonderful addition to my family.

earn and I airport.jpg

Not good bye…but see you soon daughter! I love you.

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My beautiful Thai daughter, Earn. . . .

Many of you know I lost my husband and best friend in July of 2016. I had decided I was not taking a student so I could have some time to mourn. That didn’t last long after the rep called and said I have a beautiful girl from Thailand…and now the rest is history.

One of the first days here. I took her to Garden of Eatin’ for breakfast.

*wipes a tear*

Earn and the Garden of Eatin

In a park my daughter Megann found.

Mom and Earn in the park

Well, she got the Deer in the Headlights look down pat!

Earn and Mom

Stunningly beautiful at Prom. I even look good in this photo!! OK, passable.

.Earn and mom cropped use

This was SUCH fun!!  Lennox was so happy with a gun…..hmmmm I may have to address that with his Mommy….

old time photo.jpeg

Needless to say, I am going to miss this beautiful young lady so much. She has been a joy and a very bright spot in my life after losing Nick. I wasn’t sure I wanted a student this past school year. I’m so glad I did.

And Thank God for Facebook messenger with video calling.  I’m sure we’ll use it too!!

Good bye sweet Earn. I love you.

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Van is gone

The Panel Van was loaded up on Saturday afternoon, then Sunday evening, it headed to Muncie, Indiana for processing to go to Australia. Pulled out from the back lawn, loaded, rode down, unloaded like a dream. I’m happy to hear that. And I cannot wait to see it being made into a camper like Nick wanted and Peter wants to do. He was under strict instructions to take before, during, and after photos. He claims he will have it ready by February……Another of Nick’s dreams gone from here, but maybe it will still be done Down Under. I hope so.

pvan loaded

This baby is leaking anti-freeze, supposedly out of the weep hole, the tranny isn’t quite right as it has to be started in gear….never a good thing. And the doors are to get done, panels on and weather stripping and windows adjusted.

Mustang heading back.jpeg

I have been invited by the lady that coordinates the Mustang Run to be there. I sent my registration in on Friday. So now this baby has to be back at my house at least a week before so I can drive her and get used to her with a 5 speed in it.

4 vehicles gone in 2 weeks. Amazing. Only 3 more to go. Then it’s time for all the parts to go. Trannys, motors, bell housings, fly wheels, rear ends, manifolds, intakes, carburetors, gasket sets….lions and tigers and bears OH MY!!

Slowly I’m losing pieces of Nick from my home. But as long as I keep the vehicles I plan to, he will always be with me.

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Three posts in one day.

What’s up with THAT??

I just got the terrible news that a very dear friend of mine passed away in his sleep May 16th. I had emailed him several times over the last 6 weeks but it was typical of B to not answer fast.

Today I finally emailed his son that works with him. Asked him if B had retired.

He said ‘no, unfortunately Dad unexpectedly passed 3 weeks ago’

I’ve been sitting here in tears ever since.

B was a good friend, a good ear, a great hugger and I will miss him more than words can say.

Love you, B. I always will.


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The ones I’m keeping….


One of the vehicles I’ve never shown you, I’m planning on keeping is my ’52 Lincoln Capri. Also known as the Road Race Lincoln. (mine is like the top car in this ad sans the #’s and letters)1954-Lincoln-Ad-03

Yes, the Lincoln of this era was a fierce competitor in the famous Mexican road race, finishing 1-2-3-4 in not only 1952 but also 1953, but other than that, how many modern collectors or car enthusiasts really know these cars?1952 Lincoln Road Race winner
I am going to learn mine just like I did my 1965 Mustang Fastback GT. Little by little I am going to get it done. I hope. OK, that’s my plan. Oh hush…a girl can dream. Right?

I think out of all of the cars, this one was his favorite. It’s the one closest to being done. I’m going to have the upholstery redone soon. The colors of the car are sandstone and pebble…something. I’ll have to go look it up. The car is the colors it is sposed to be so I won’t be painting it. But the upholstery is supposed to be some kind of an ugly green.


Not on my watch.

It will be a purdy green.

My ’65 GT Fastback.

And you all have seen the truck. And what the Mach is SUPPOSED to look like.

I still have a ’56 Victoria in Fiesta Red/Wimbledon White to sell and a ’69 Ranchero in a medium blue that need to go yet.

And there you have my fleet of cars. I know I can’t drive them all. But I will keep his dream alive. Because it is also my dream. I love my rides.

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Realizing my worth….

I am talking via text with a friend of mine. I have known and loved him over 30 years.

He and I had a falling out a couple months ago. He called and was telling me about a job fair he was going to. All the dates, times, details, etc…..a good 20 minute conversation.

A few days later I asked him how the job fair went.

“How did you know about that? I didn’t tell you about that!”

‘Oh yes, J, you did. But I could tell you had been drinking. I lived with 2 alcoholics. Not hard to miss the signs.’

He told me in no uncertain terms how wrong I was.

But see…he doesn’t know his sister talked to me about it. They know he’s gotten really bad. I suspect that is why he doesn’t drive. I think he lost his license but he won’t tell me that.  Hiding things….another classic clue.

Anyway…We are talking via text. He always makes the mistake of putting an extra letter in when he says Hello Boo! Today I called him on it. He said maybe he did. I said no. You did. On Purpose.

“Smile when you say that,” he replied. So I sent him this photo.

Boo thumbs up.jpeg

“you still look good for an older lady!!” (he is 12 days younger than I am)

‘I look fucking awesome. Admit it.’

“Aren’t we full of our self today?”

‘Nope, just realizing my worth.’

…..And that statement brought me up short.

I do have worth.

I realized I’m done with him adding that extra letter to my name. I am done thinking I am not good enough for certain people. I’m done NOT doing what I want to do.

I will be traveling. I will be visiting friends. I will be camping. Just Jegs and I. Maybe one day Bohdi will earn a spot with us. I am not keeping everything like I think I should. I’m tired of cleaning around it. I will be enjoying myself more.


Because I am worth it.

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And believe it or not? Another one gone…

Old F250.png

Inside that circle is a parts truck Nick robbed a bunch of stuff from to make the Holman Moody truck below work/drive/look freakin’ AWESOME! What you see is the right front of the grill.

truck out last night

Anyway, there are still some good usable parts on it. So I sold it last night. It leaves today or tomorrow. This one I don’t mind is leaving…..It’s just a decoration in the middle of a burning nettle patch. Behind that truck and shed is yet ANOTHER car that I may just send to the scrap yard.

It’s a 1990 Lincoln Mark VII with an almost perfect rear clip. (paint has faded) I think the seats are good too. Two kids drove it under the back end of a semi. The roof is bowed up, the floor is bowed down and the hood looked like an accordion.

And the kids walked away unscathed.

Nick even got the motor running in it but it’s a mess. That will be the next thing pulled out and hopefully sold on Craigslist. If it doesn’t go? Off to the scrap yard.  Another decoration in the middle of a burning nettle patch will be gone.

I know it is best these vehicles go to someone who can actually do something with them. But as they leave, I see pieces of Nick leaving. And it takes a bit of my heart with each one.  This is why I am keeping THE truck, the ’52 Lincoln Capri, and the ’69 Mach. They were his favorites.

black jade
This is what the Mach is sposed to look like when done. Black Jade color.  Little by little I would like to get them done.


This is a 2006 Fusion. He bought it as a repairable. I want this car on the road. 62K miles, 5 speed, drive her like you stole her car. I love the Fusions. Another project incomplete. I have too much into it to sell it. I won’t get that out of it. I have almost $2K more into her than what I can sell her for. I’d like to get it fixed up and give it to my daughter. My car club is awesome helping things to get done with my vehicles. But I don’t want to have to rely on them all the time.

He left me with so many unfinished things. And he refused to write down what he wanted done with each of them. So here I sit trying to remember and trying not to lose my sanity letting them go.

One day it will all get resolved…

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