….did you know you can become addicted to it?

I know I am.I-dont-like-to-think-before-I-speak

I Love singing at the top of my lungs in the car. It alleviates stress BEFORE I get to work and it relaxes me on the drive home.

Things are going well with ‘us’. Last night was a stupid movie and a couple games of pool. I WON MY FIRST GAME OF POOL! I won before but because he scratched on the 8 ball….3 times. This time I actually DID it on my own! Wow…it has been awhile.

We see each other quite a bit. Text or call the days we are not together. It’s nice to be enjoying life again.

He got my grandson at Prom last weekend. I’m still chuckling over it.

When I leave…my g’kids give me hugs and kisses. I had given Cullan his hug and was moving on to the next g’child when Cullan stuck his hand out to shake Ken’s hand. Ken put his arms out like he was going to hug Cullan. So Cullan put his arms out as Ken changed and stuck one hand out to shake hands. Cullan turned a bit red, we all laughed, and I think that sealed Ken’s place in my life with my kids and G’kids. They know he will stick around.

It was pretty funny…..wish I had gotten video…..LOL

Ken hasn’t been married and doesn’t have any children. But he smiled and talked to most of my 10 last weekend. They were all at my son’s house or the school for Prom….I should have gotten a photo…..

I think I need to get a photo of the two of us. A good one. The one I have? Isn’t a good one.

I am not a hot mess

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What is going on?

I don’t feel like writing today.

What’s up with THAT??

So I will share photos of my handsome grandson, his two little sisters, and Prom suit. Pink. LOVE it. It takes a secure man to wear pink……yup!

jules cullan aubree

I have to find that photo where I am holding this young man in my arms. He used to fit!

GRAD 2018

And I like how this photo makes me look SMALL AND THIN!!

Y’all have a WONDERFUL day!

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mine! MINE! YES!!!


1933 Farmall F12. This tractor has been in my family since the early 40’s.

It will now STAY in my family. I did not want to see it auctioned off.

Too many memories.


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What more can I ask for……?

I am content.
I am happy.

I am calm

I am at peace.

I am enjoying my time with him.
He makes me smile and laugh.
My conversations with Nick (yes, I still have them) are ones with smiles and contentment. I have not lost it over Nick for a while now altho there are times when I feel anxious, Ken is soothing them out for me.
He gets it.
And I appreciate that….
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Fri just called bringing wine.jpg


Tonight is a ‘Signature Event’ for the Family Resources group of which I am on the board of.


Did Yoda write that sentence? I’ll work on it while I type. … or not.


Been just over a month now since he and I started dating. I’m liking it. I’m having fun. I’m smiling and laughing and I don’t feel so sad when I think of my Nick anymore. We enjoy ourselves, no thoughts, no worries, no complications, just fun, and …. I can’t say love because I don’t know how I feel about him yet. I just know I am enjoying myself. And for now, that is good enough for me.

I still miss Nick so much but it is mellowing. It doesn’t drop me to my knees like it used to. It’s been a long while since I lost it thinking about him. I can tell stories now and laugh and smile. I will always love him, and I will always miss him.


Friday night, I’m sure we’ll go do something. Saturday is Memorial Service for my Freedom Honor Flight Vet and G’son’s Prom, Sunday is back by G’son’s for a Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast ….Busy weekend. I’m sure he’ll kill me in Pool again too. Ugh.

Y’all have a WONDERFUL weekend in case I forget to post tomorrow. LOL!!

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What says “Spring!!” to you?

cat in open window.jpeg
Me? Sleeping with my window wide open………

OH that felt GOOD!!

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I missed yesterday!! and the day before!

That is SO unlike me! heh heh heh thud


I am sorry. Things have been hectic at home and work.

Ponder this…have you ever just stopped and realized that if you hadnt met a certain person your life would be completely different.jpg


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