We are to have a family rebellion in the Seattle area next July. A joyous occasion I usually look forward to with unbridled happiness, anticipation, and smiles.

But since the death of my brother…..? no.

In fact? I don’t think I am even going this year. My contact with my family will be curbed down to almost nothing. I’m hurt, confused, angry and bewildered as to why my sister is such an ass. I know I know……family is the ones that hurt the most. But why would she undermine my familial relationships??? What does she hope to gain?

I was FINALLY at a place with my brother where we were having fun. When all of a sudden he started pulling away again. I was baffled as to why.

After he died, I became UNbaffled.

The Coroner asked us to go through things and try to figure out what time during that day he was still active.

I found his phone. Plugged it in to charge it………..and my world fell apart.

I found out just HOW much of a bitch my sister is.

I’ve barely spoken to her since the funeral.  Since the embarrassing hug between her and my son.

Things she has done to my and MY family I wouldn’t even THINK of doing to her and her family. In fact I’ve been there for her? and she has NEVER been there for me.

So I no longer have a sister.

Toodles bitch.

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20 thoughts on “Family………pffffffffffft

    1. My sister is one that thinks because I live in the country, I’m stupid. Because she lives in the ‘BIG CITY’, she’s much smarter than I. Pffffffft.


  1. It’s really too bad your family members take what she tells them as truth, instead of talking to you about whatever she’s telling them. 😦 Families can really suck some times!!

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    1. When my ex and I were in the middle of a really bad divorce, I found out from my kids they were going to her house for a deck warming party. With my ex. Not me. My ex. That was her FIRST really big FU.


    1. Karma already has and I think that is why she’s so ornery. Her husband can’t seem to keep a regular job. He refuses to come visit her family because he doesn’t like my dad. Her daughter is not well liked because she’s spoiled rotten and still lives at home. They won’t let her move out from what I hear. Whatever.


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