The house saga continues….

Yes, Gary came over again. He brought paint, brushes and half a chair. LOL. The chair is for Lorenzo’s room. I’ll get a photo when it’s all back together. I got the cushion and the ottoman. The ‘chair’ part was too heavy for Gary to lift alone. He’ll need help loading it. I’ll help when it gets to my house.HS landing before cleaning
So look what was under the landing carpet? Pretty durn good shape. I’ll need to sand some of it.HS before cleaning landing
It looks pretty good I think. I did some scraping with a duller razor blade….and….


HS bottom landing after clean
And it looked like this when I got done. MUCH better. Then I told Gary “I am going to go get us some ice water and stoke up the wood stove. Because I want you to just take off the first step of carpet so I know if I need to be disappointed….or ecstatic.”

HS half carpet
I CAME BACK TO REAL STEPS!!!! I knew Sonny had installed these. I just didn’t know he had gotten REAL STEPS!!! I can sand these down then see what finish they should have. Anyone who says varnish? The front bedroom is ready for you when you come to do that for me.HS stairs up closer

I figured the hallway would be plywood. And it’s in pretty good shape. So I will paint the crap outta it and then lay a runner. Did anyone ever tell me what color would be good??HS top step and hallway
I am so pleased with the results of our work this weekend. This is all ready to sand down then paint. The stairs will be scraped and sanded then a decision made.HS hallway

The house is getting closer to being done. I’m loving this.

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11 thoughts on “The house saga continues….

  1. I painted an intricate design on my plywood landing in our tiny house so it looks like a fun hand painted carpet of sorts. If you add a colorful border, it would make that plywood look fancy!

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