Just trying to keep my world upright….

….and I’m not too sure I’m succeeding.

1)PD NO ONE gets this. We can still be social. We just have to do it at a distance.  It is not social distancing. It is PHYSICAL distancing. Stay physically away.

2) My dad’s last sibling died Sunday night. I’m just at a loss. This uncle looked so much like my dad, my kids would run up to him “Hi Gramp…..you’re not Grampa……” and look at me like WTH! Who IS that guy that looks exactly like my Grampa!!?? I am going to miss him beyond words. He always had such a great smile for me.

3) All that kept going through my mind last night is ‘it’s just Dad, Mom, and Aunt Ruthie left.’ Aunt Ruthie is 98, Dad will be 88 in May, and Mom is 84. Just 4 short years ago we still had Nick, Aunt Eunice, Uncle Bert, Aunt Della, Scott and Uncle Lee. And people wonder why I drink. Silly people.

4) I have a group of ladies I love dearly. Last night I finally admitted I am NOT doing OK in our group message. You all know how I always say “I’ll be OK. I always am.” Well I’m not. Too many people have died from my family lately not to mention friends and friends parents. I’ve lost track of them all and should write them all down. I never remember to.

5) I have a co-worker who is bound and determined to be as disrespectful as he possibly can. I think part of it is I called the President (my former boss) and bitched. I am sick to fucking DEATH of smelling cigarettes in my office which is at the OTHER end of a 100′ or more long building. Get the HELL away from the doors! He also made the HUGE mistake of calling me a receptionist yesterday. Major fuck up asshat. Sorry for the language but damn. Be a bit respectful of your co-workers. He lives to piss me off. Can’t take a phone call to save his soul and when he does? Milks it so then I have 4 lines ringing and he sends one of his back to me which locks up my phone. I’m just gonna poke him in the eye with a sharp stick. Sound good?

I’m done ranting. My world is topsy turvy right now along with everyone else. Just trying to deal with Uncle’s death in all this is just so different.

Take care and stay safe.

lost track of days


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13 thoughts on “Just trying to keep my world upright….

  1. But you can’t call it physical distancing because all the Covidiots will still gather to be social. I don’t care if they’re all standing 6 feet away… given a large enough group of people? Someone is going to walk through an infected cloud. I just don’t understand what the hell is so hard with staying home if you can. Jesus, if this generation thinks that’s a hardship? We’re all doomed.
    Very sorry for all the loss in your life. We’ve had multiple family deaths in the past few years and I know….. it really does take your breath away.


  2. Awww Boo 😦 I don’t know what to say. But I will say that you need to hang in there, get yourself together for those elders you do have left and for that hundred or so grandbabies you have. (hey I lost track of how many 🙂 ) You can do this girl! ❤


  3. social distancing is a joke. I called a friend of mine who said his wife went to sit with a bunch of girlfriends, albeit it 6 feet away from each other but still…that’s just stupid. what Rivergirl said was right…who would want to risk being in the midst of someone’s cloud with infected breath left behind. This invisible enemy is rampant right now. Sorry about the losses you’ve had recently. The older we get the more we encounter it, its just the way it is. My parents died in their 60s. Way too young. Sending you a big ole hug…so keep on that house…a pleasant distraction may be in order!

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  4. Sorry to hear about your uncle Boo – sending virtual hugs across the ocean (if they’re allowed to travel). I know for myself that this shit just comes in waves. I truly hope that this is your last bad day for a while. As for the asshole in your office (I think your language was very moderate btw) can I suggest accidentally dropping a lighted cigarette down the front of his trousers. Right before you stick his telephone up his arse. Sounds like the best social distance for that idiot is several miles.

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  5. The worst part of the losses and those to come is that we won’t be able to mourn but from a distance which will feel unreal and so much worse.
    I was hoping you could start work from home?

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