Moving along….

So the ‘tan’ on the right is what I painted last week. I got grey last night and I like it MUCH better.

Especially compared to the tan/yellow from before. (I was just emptying my paint brush to stop for the night. The stuff is coming off the wall tonight.)

Then for grins and giggles, I started on the white trim just to see what it would look like. First coat of each.

Just one coat and it looks so much better. Too many nicks in the woodwork which brought out a different color. I have enough paint, I may even do a third coat. We’ll have to see how the second one turns out first.

I will be SO happy to get this done. All my walls will be one color but more importantly, the WOODWORK will be all one color.

I’m not sure I’ll keep the curtain on the closet. I like how I thinned it out, put stuff in bins. That ‘step’ just gives it a WHOLE different look.

I like…

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