So Gary went with me yesterday…

….and the sun came out while we were there.

Nicks headstone

Does that mean Nick approves?

(not Gary. This is just to show y’all the cemetery since I have new followers. This is actually my son Matteo)

We did take the GT500 Mustang.

….and I got to drive her up to the cemetery, over the hill to his house where he grew up, and all the way back home.

That was good vroom vroom therapy for me…………..

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12 thoughts on “So Gary went with me yesterday…

  1. I am pretty sure Nick approves. I think he would want you to be happy and keep living your life because even though I never met him, I believe he loved you enough to want you to find a new companion ❤

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    1. Nick told me I shouldn’t mourn him long (implied he didn’t think he was worth it) but I told him that wasn’t happening. I would mourn him as long as I NEEDED to. And some days I still need to. Most days now, I do ok.


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