Bedroom done! OK ALMOST done….

….the feng shui is off. That’s not as dumb as I used to think it sounded.

I sit in there and feel good but not ‘right’.  The room doesn’t ‘flow’. I have to do some rearranging of furniture. The bed will stay where it is as will the books. I have a different chair coming that hopefully will balance it out. The desk will be moved back into the alcove for a quiet study area. students bedroom Sunday
Then I will sit in there again and see. I will have to change the comforter to a guy one. I have a nice brown king I will throw on there.  So fingers crossed and any suggestions would be wonderful.

I may be getting a second student. I’ll keep you posted.

students room closet done
I hope I can get it so it feels good to me. I’m lovin’ the paint on the closet doors. Just brings the room together and hides a bunch of crap on the doors. Tomorrow in the natural light, I’ll touch up any I missed. It’s hard to paint by lamp light!

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20 thoughts on “Bedroom done! OK ALMOST done….

  1. Personally, I don’t like the pink behind the bed. It chops up the lines of the room…. I would have painted that the same as the dark wall and left the wooden closets. But too late for that!

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    1. The pink is gone behind the bed and is now the cream. That was a photo just to show the closet door difference. The wooden closet doors had gashes, paints, nicks and cuts. It needed covering.

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      1. I worry me too. Seriously looks great. Two students you say? You deserve a medal. BTW if you go to the furthest corner of the room and then walk back to the door with your eyes closed, without breaking your neck, then the Feng Shui is cool…

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      1. Do the walk. Don’t break your neck. Use the force. BTW most of life’s best things are pink – except for chocolate, and whisky and… ah well, the cream looks really good.

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