I haven’t been here much…..

….but I’ve had a lot to deal with in the last 10 days.

The worst being Nick’s child.

Read on.

This child is beyond pathetic. I find it very difficult to believe that Nick sired such a twit.

Within 2 hours after his father passed, he had plastered all over Facebook about his father dying. How he was there for him. How he missed him. He had left at 10:30pm after spending most of the day and evening out on the screen porch, complaining how the cops are now targeting Hispanics. I can’t get that lucky with him and his mother. I finally kicked most of them out so I could rest and care for him without people shaking Nick and demanding that he “Answer me!”

Soon after his father’s former employer open at 8am Friday morning, he was at their door demanding the money from the life insurance policy. There are still 2 premiums due to his former employer. He will need to pay them first. Instead of paying them, he gave her his phone #. And getting the money is not instant. Welcome to reality.

Later that VERY SAME day, he posted on Facebook that any and all memorials were to be made out to him and mailed to him at his PO box. This is Fraud and illegal.

At the wake, 5 minutes before it was OVER, he comes up to me and says “Where are all the photos of me and my dad?” I don’t have any. Yes, you do. NO, I DON’T. If YOU forgot to bring any, that is NOT my fault. Then his bitch mother decided to join in. “Do we have a problem?” Yes, bitch. YOU are the problem, My son ran them both out of the funeral home. I shouldn’t have to deal with this!

Nick didn’t put out photos of his child. Period. Deal with it.

No one has seen him shed a tear yet. Yet EVERYONE is telling me how he’s working so hard for all the memorial money and the life insurance. He even pissed off the funeral director bugging him to get the death certificate done. This was BEFORE the funeral.

At the funeral he had a eulogy to read. It was such a pack of crap. “I called my father 2 times a week. After he got more ill, it was 3 to 5 times per week.” What? Really? You want to stick with this story? You want to continue to say you were there to comfort him? You don’t know HOW to comfort him. I was there. You weren’t. He listed all the people that would miss Nick “Family, friends, co-workers, car club members, former classmates.” Talk about REACHING (Nick never went to ONE class reunion, most didn’t know where he was.) for everyone but me. However, he doesn’t realize I’m “family and car club members.” There were so many lies in there. After the funeral he was running around asking all of our friends who don’t know him, HOW DID YOU LIKE MY SPEECH?? Our friends don’t know the child. He did not spend time with us when we were with them. Most people were pretty angry and embarrassed by his words and actions. One of my friends said it was all he could do not to stand up and go punch him in the face.

I will have to talk to the police dept in his town so I can get one of the car keys back for the Lincoln his father signed over to him. It’s still in my shed. I will also have the cop hand him the letter that he will be investigated if he doesn’t hand over any and all monies he received with his little fraud like post on Facebook.

One foot on my property gets him arrested now.

I feel so sad for Nick. I’m just glad he didn’t see what his child has done so soon after he left me.

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8 thoughts on “I haven’t been here much…..

  1. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this, but it sounds like his son is looking for a piece of pie and thinks he is owed and owed and will be nasty no matter what.
    Family can be absolute jerks at funerals and they are. I’ve seen it over and over again.
    My mom and her sister got into a fight while standing over my grandmother’s ashes.
    So sad.

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    1. He will never be allowed to contact me again after he gets this stuff. The rest will be given what I know Nick wanted them to have then THEY TOO will be cut off.


  2. I am so sorry you are going through this. It shouldn’t happen to anyone. Especially not after all you’ve been through. You just never know what will happen at a funeral. My step father’s sister slammed my mother at the grave site and really pissed my brother off.She basically came to spit on her grave. At death all should be forgotten and people should play nice. If they have complaints there’s a time and place.

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  3. It’s a shame that a time that should draw people closer brings out the worst in some . I’ve seen it happen so many times through the years that it no longer surprises me. I’m sorry you had to go through that Boo. 😦

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